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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FREE - the legend: Sun and Water, Free No More

INNOVATION PROGRESSES TODAY when means are developed to charge for revolutionary products/services as much or more, than existing prices using old, outdated tech - an extremely inverted, contorted, bass ackwards economic concept.

The scientific adage - the simpler, less complex a theory, the greater the possibilities, the simpler the design - is not only gone with the wind, but totally and deliberately lost, as in unified field theory.

The exorbitant costs for electricity, now a large portion derived from 'free sun', is obvious.

Hydrogen from 'free water' is nearing application feasibility: "The Department of Energy has a target cost for the fuel of $4/gge (gallon gas equivalent.)  Initially, the fuel will likely cost the same per mile as gasoline. ………… The little contraption attached to the water faucet, feeding the home storage tank (the only pricey item) to supply all one's energy needs (home business transportation) has disappeared, out of sight, out of mind’.

For the poorly informed: Leads to advanced Hydrogen Technologies Water and sunlight the formula for sustainable fuel

Fuel Cell ‘Pricing’ Progress to date, is finally catching up to 1970s tech (Hydrogen Progress)

Toyota unveils fuel-cell car assembly line  LOOKING REAL GOOD, but for the filling stations H2 production means and costs.

Employees of Toyota Motors assemble the Mirai sedan at the Motomachi factory in Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, on February 24, 2 

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