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Monday, September 29, 2014

ABOUT TIME: A Higgs-gravity connection between microphysics and macrophysics

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A Higgs-gravity connection may leave traces in white dwarfs

About Time To: "...create a 'common' language between microphysics and macrophysics".

Jump ahead to the answers connecting mass AND matter with space/time/energy/gravity throughout the macro, here and now and micro realms.......... still waiting for science to catch up.
Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law: 
The Quantity C: Possessing a Significance Far Greater than Attributed
Gravity – As Viewed Through the Radius (VC)
Space as Observed through the Curve of Radius Light
Matter and Mass - Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass
Beyond A Uni-Dimensional Perception of TIME
The Nonlinearity of Physical Law


( —The discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012 marked an important step toward understanding the origin of the mass of fundamental particles. Since mass plays a major role in gravity, the Higgs could also reveal insights into the nature of gravity. One possibility is that the Higgs field could couple to a specific spacetime curvature, a scenario that is invoked in various extensions of the standard model.
Now, scientists have shown that dying stars called white dwarfs can be used to investigate and place limits on the coupling between the Higgs field and spacetime curvature. The study, by Roberto Onofrio at the University of Padova in Italy and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Gary A. Wegner at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, is published in a recent issue of The Astrophysical Journal.
"Conceptually, I think that our work is trying to create a 'common' language between microphysics and macrophysics in the following sense," Onofrio told "So far, people have looked for the consequences of the Higgs field in the microworld, at the so-called Fermi scale, i.e., the attometer scale (1 am = 10-18 m), and for the consequences of gravity at the macroscopic scale, from an apple upward in terms of size and masses. Yet, both have in common the central role that  plays in the  of elementary particle physics and in gravitation. So by starting to talk of masses involving both the Higgs field (which is supposed to give inertial mass to all ) and gravitation (where the gravitational mass of a body is a key concept), one can check for their consistency or for the presence of possible contradictions."
A handful of high-gravity astrophysical objects, such as primordial black holes and active galactic nuclei, have been proposed to investigate crosstalk between the Higgs and gravity. However, white dwarfs have the unique advantage of showing both molecular and atomic lines in their light emission spectra. Since the Higgs-curvature coupling is expected to affect the atomic lines, but not the molecular lines, a comparison of both lines is needed.
The reason that the coupling only affects atomic lines is due to the different origins of the electron mass and the masses of protons and neutrons (nucleons). Most of the nucleons' mass arises from massless gluonic fields; being massless, they do not couple to the Higgs field. Molecular transitions that only depend on the nuclei mass, therefore, are not affected by the Higgs-curvature coupling. In contrast, the Higgs-curvature coupling does affect the mass of electrons and other fermions by adding to these particles' inertial masses.
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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Geometry of Form, the Connectivity of Space, and the Properties of Spin

To attain the application possibilities of the left photo (that some almost have in the right photo)

Addressing the following qualities of light upon space time mass matter energy gravity is required

·        If a differential of energy equal to the quantity C exists between the observer and the point which he is observing, the natural laws will be suspended. If the energy differential is in excess of the quantity C, the laws will appear to operate in reverse at that point.  

·        The quantity C (velocity of light) is the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter

·        The quantity C (velocity of light), the radius of curvature of all natural law, is the pivotal point upon which the natural laws become manifest

·        The Geometry of Form, the Connectivity of Space, and the Properties of Spin, have to converge to the one sine wave spectrum whose radius is the quantity C, for eventual comprehension and subsequent application.

Conical Motion 5 - Walter Russell

Synopsis of Walter Russell’s Cosmology of Twin Opposing Electro-Magnetic Vortices 

As previously suggested:  
·        Any magnetic field which is changing in intensity, will create an electric field which at any given instant, is equal in amplitude opposite in sign and perpendicular to the magnetic field. If the two fields become mutually resonant, a vector force will be generated, whose direction is perpendicular to each of the other two, creating an effect similar to, and in fact identical with, a gravitational field. 
·        It is perfectly possible to produce a negative gravitational field between the earth and a given object on or near its surface by the proper application of moving electric charges.  Such a field would be effective only with respect to the given object. All other matter in the vicinity would remain within the positive portion of the curve
·        Gravity:  the positive and negative charges of the protons and electrons, when united within the neutron, are not discernible as charges but exist as energy which produces the gravitational field.

·        An energy differential does not necessarily manifest itself as a velocity. It can also exist as a frequency. Our present laws of physics state that the energy level upon which an electron, a photon, or other particle exists is proportionate to its frequency. The mathematical rule is E equals Fh, where E is the energy, F is the frequency and h is a factor called Planck's constant. We can now see that a frequency differential which by the above formula is equal to 9x10(20) ergs per gram also represents the quantity C

Review and let’s keep moving forward

Anti-Gravity Ball by MIT Opens New Dimensions. MIT media lab created a metal ball which is capable of doing some extraordinary feats while being in anti gravity mode. This round shiny metal ball has been named as ZeroN and it has indeed put a great significance in manipulating technologies in a more…


   .
The simple unity of matter and energy: Consider a geometric plane surface having two dimensions. If this plane is perpendicular to your line of sight you perceive it as a plane surface, the matter aspect. If now you rotate the plane through an angle of ninety degrees, the surface will disappear from your sight, leaving only one dimension, the energy aspect. You have not changed the plane in any way. You have merely changed your point of view, or technically, you have changed your point of reference. The amount of energy which is apparently contained by a given body of matter depends entirely upon how far it has rotated upon the mass energy axis (defined by the quantity C, the radius of curvature of all natural law) with respect to the given observer. Another observer, observing the same body from a different reference point, would find an entirely different amount of energy. 
   ENERGY: We will define energy as the ability to create changes in the position or condition of objects or points of reference. However, energy can create change, only when there exists a differential in the two points between which the change becomes manifest, or when the unit of energy has become divided into its two component parts called poles, or charges. One positive and one negative pole or charge, when united, constitute one photon or quantum of energy. (definitions  of the natural laws: space time mass matter energy gravity)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

No black holes and no Big Bang? Techies be aware!

Researcher shows that black holes do not exist

Black holes have long captured the public imagination and been the subject of popular culture, from Star Trek to Hollywood. They are the ultimate unknown – the blackest and most dense objects in the universe that do not even let light escape. And as if they weren't bizarre enough to begin with, now add this to the mix: they don't exist.  By merging two seemingly conflicting theories, Laura Mersini-Houghton, a physics professor at UNC-Chapel Hill in the College of Arts and Sciences, has proven, mathematically, that  can never come into being in the first place. The work not only forces scientists to reimagine the fabric of space-time, but also rethink the origins of the universe.

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The problem of the very large and the very small, and the limbo in between, continues to persist.

The Evolution of Time (Director's Cut) Almost grasping the positive and negative spin of the double torus, or the positive/negative principle of gravitation/radiation spiral


The Proton Radius Prediction and Gravitational Control  Nassim Haramein also is approaching intergration leading to application

An excellent example below of the disconnect - New Rules for Quantum

An Entirely new set of rules for the Quantum World – A GRAVE ERROR

Must not have grasped the concept of The Nonlinearity of Physical Law

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ah, but for the varieties of frequency ....

Found on Tumbler

Ah, but for the varieties of frequency ....

from which even space and time cannot escape …

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cold Fusion LENR 'Befuddlement?' at NASA 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Repeating Integrate, applying the common denominator, the quantity C (taking the next step beyond Nassim Haramein's Space connection "Matter is a vibration in the structure of space as all atoms are made of 99.999999% space and all atoms in the universe are connected by space itself")

INTEGRATE: The Very Big, the Here and Now, the Very Small

expressing space time mass matter energy gravity through light, the constant C energy differential, the Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law. 
Do not put all your faith about reality in the "authorities". Note, in spite of the ridicule and denial from AUTHORITIES of cold fusion (LENR), NASA is exploring  Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft Investigator: Doug Wells, NASA Langley Research Center  

Integration. Replacing Physics’ Broken (and Breaking) Energy Mirror of ever-expanding Isolated Bits & Pieces

Befuddlement is the act of giving the same phenomena different terms and definitions resulting from the specificity of focus within the varieties of scientific disciplines/divisions of studies; especially and foremost, within the realms of - the very large, the here and now, the very small. The goal of elucidating principles that can be applied to all types of systems at all nesting levels in all fields of research was perhaps first recognized by Bertalanffy's general system theory (GST). The run-away breakthroughs to accelerate the comprehensive integration of macro theories, can be initially recognized with a review of the Nonlinearity of Physical Law, paying particular attention to the absolute precision by which the “as above so below” principle and phenomena operate, as revealed by fractals and chaos to order theories.  

Cold Fusion LENR 'Befuddlement?' at NASA 2014

Exploring The Missing Half – The Primer Fields
within Barbara Dewey’s “Big Blink” of the constant moving instant ‘Now’, ‘Now’ – to Walter Russell’s “point of rest” between the stages of unfoldment and refoldment, the cycles of ‘genero-activity’ contraction of gravity, at the inner explosive speed of light -  and radioactive expansion of vacuity, at the outer explosive speed of light.

Unfortunately, Macro theories to date, integrating physics, chemistry and the like, as in The Grand Unified Theory GUT, cannot seem to get out of their infancy, namely, I would venture to guess, due to the obstacle called Light – recognized physically, but refuted, unaccounted for mentally, or corrected for mathematically.

Copmprehensive integration between the very large to the very small must always account for the nature of LIGHT, the quantity C - Please Review:  

     Physicists will never come to grips with the grand theories of the universe, Penrose holds, until they see past the blinding distractions of today’s half-baked theories to the deepest layer of the reality in which we live.

For those ignoring the read/comprehension of the vision obstacle that Light - the quantity C, the Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law, the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter - plays upon space time mass matter energy gravity…….. perhaps, in a roundabout way, we can enlist aid and support by lessening the continuing bewilderment found between Relativity and Quantum, wave and particle, mystical ‘action at a distance’, ‘entanglement’, dead and alive cat, simultaneity, and the like…….. with the following scientific exhibits, behaviors and continuing explorations, which, when taken together, may self-steer one toward a larger, more comprehensible, unified theory, and understanding, replete with their profound applications.

The evidence is irrefutable – Get the Data

Atoms to Galaxies – a fundamental, self-extrapolating synopsis – a merged, more extensive viewing point: ”Radiation and Absorption-two atoms in space review - Atoms to Galaxies. “Blackbody radiation" or "cavity radiation" which initially replaced the concept of aether, now termed the Planck Field of Electromagnetic fluctuations, refers to an object or system which absorbs all radiation incident upon it and re-radiates energy which is characteristic of this radiating system only. The Principles of Ether Equate to the Planck Field of Electromagnetic Fluctuations

There is a  Huge Divided Gulf Between The Very Large And The Very Small When the Non-Linearity of Physical Law is Ignored

Emerging Possibilities from the Electron  The End Of Oil, Coal And Nuclear Pollution

USEFUL FOR THE REMAINDER OF THIS POST:  Synthesis  using  Inductive Reasoning - begins with specific observations and measures, detects patterns and regularities, formulates some tentative hypotheses to explore, to finally end up developing some general conclusions or theories.  

Depending on the quantum number describing the angular momentum, the electrons rotated in three different ways with zero frequency, the cyclotron frequency, and the Larmor frequency, which is half the cyclotron frequency.

Anti-Gravity Ball by MIT Opens New Dimensions. MIT media lab created a metal ball which is capable of doing some extraordinary feats while being in anti gravity mode. This round shiny metal ball has been named as ZeroN and it has indeed put a great significance in manipulating technologies in a more…

Scientists Use Sound Waves To Levitate And Manipulate Matter

Ride-able, Super Cooled Quantum Levitating Hoverboard

The Volkswagen hover car uses electromagnetic levitation to float along its own grid above the regular road network.

The Wonderful World of Hydrogen (deuterium, cold fusion, hydrides, browns gas, electrolysis, fuel cells….…..)

Metal Hydrides – chemical, space-time-field, manipulation: Some hydrides can actually store twice the amount of hydrogen than can be stored in the same volume of liquid hydrogen. The DOE ’s Basic Energy Sciences under the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative, investigates the process of hydrogen uptake and release in complex hydrides and is trying to identify how atoms and molecules move around during the charge and discharge process. Hydrogen bonds with transition metals. One interesting and unique characteristic of these hydrides are that they can be nonstoichiometric, meaning basically that the fraction of H atoms to the metals are not fixed. Nonstoichiometric compounds have a variable composition. With metal and hydrogen bonding there is a crystal lattice that H atoms can and may fill in between the lattice while some might not – it is not a fixed ratio of H atoms to the metals.  (current explanation of liquid state h2 to semi-chemical bonding, ion state, of h2, is insufficient in addressing the larger scope of space/energy substitution across states of matter)

Brown’s Gas   (monatomic hydrogen is very reactive and unstable controversy” Water can be cheaply disassociated into Brown's Gas / HHO gas (monatomic and diatomic Hydrogen and Oxygen) using efficient electrolyzing techniques which require very little power to operate. A Monatomic hydrogen application – Atomic Hydrogen Welding ……. hydrogen gas is normally diatomic (H2), but where the temperatures are over 600 °C (1100 °F) near the arc, the hydrogen breaks down into its atomic form, simultaneously absorbing a large amount of heat from the arc. When the hydrogen strikes a relatively cold surface (i.e., the weld zone), it recombines into its diatomic form releasing the energy associated with the formation of that bond.

Cold Fusion - LENR 2014 Updates

NASA Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft Investigator: Doug Wells, NASA Langley Research Center