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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FREE - the legend: Sun and Water, Free No More

INNOVATION PROGRESSES TODAY when means are developed to charge for revolutionary products/services as much or more, than existing prices using old, outdated tech - an extremely inverted, contorted, bass ackwards economic concept.

The scientific adage - the simpler, less complex a theory, the greater the possibilities, the simpler the design - is not only gone with the wind, but totally and deliberately lost, as in unified field theory.

The exorbitant costs for electricity, now a large portion derived from 'free sun', is obvious.

Hydrogen from 'free water' is nearing application feasibility: "The Department of Energy has a target cost for the fuel of $4/gge (gallon gas equivalent.)  Initially, the fuel will likely cost the same per mile as gasoline. ………… The little contraption attached to the water faucet, feeding the home storage tank (the only pricey item) to supply all one's energy needs (home business transportation) has disappeared, out of sight, out of mind’.

For the poorly informed: Leads to advanced Hydrogen Technologies Water and sunlight the formula for sustainable fuel

Fuel Cell ‘Pricing’ Progress to date, is finally catching up to 1970s tech (Hydrogen Progress)

Toyota unveils fuel-cell car assembly line  LOOKING REAL GOOD, but for the filling stations H2 production means and costs.

Employees of Toyota Motors assemble the Mirai sedan at the Motomachi factory in Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, on February 24, 2 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Astonishing Scientific Revelation: We do not exist!

Something from nothing is nothing
  •         The Universe is a strange form of nothing
  •         All this energy, all this stuff, adds up to nothing
  •         Something and Nothing may be the same thing

So, this is where field propulsion, antigravity, thought, consciousness, spirit disappeared! BEHIND NOTHING! (or the other half of ignored reality)

Fifteen thousand million years ago, the universe that we inhabit erupted, literally, out of nothing. Everything – all matter, energy, even space and time – came into being at that precise instant. Big bang, big bounce and inflating bubbles: stretch your mind around the expanding cosmos with New Scientist's in-depth coverage of how everything began.

There's no such thing as a free lunch, or so the saying goes, but that may not be true on the grandest, cosmic scale. Many physicists now believe that the universe arose out of nothingness during the Big Bang which means that nothing must have somehow turned into something. How could that be possible?

The less energy such a system has, the longer it can stick around. Thanks to gravity – the only force that always attracts – the net energy balance of the universe may be as close to zero as you can get. This makes its lifespan of almost 14 billion years plausible.

Gargantuan Error, perceiving only 50%, one half of Everything, only one side of the Universal Coin: gravity – the only force that always attracts….ERR



The structure that expresses the only two directions in the universe at the same time (in and out): Torus

From which the sine wave of radius C emerges

Russell: Wave fields – actions (radiation) unfolding formlessness into form, reactions (gravitation) refolding form into formlessness, both at VC, 186,000/mi/sec.  The inadequacy of the senses to record the backward flow of forward moving things – causes the illusions of sequence and time.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

“We Honestly Have No Fucking Idea What We’re Doing”, Admits Leading Quantum Physicist |...

TRY Unification of scales (micro, meso, macro) with E=MC2 version 2.0 

Repost from Facebook Peter Jocis

“As I was saying since the late 1960's, Light can fool one, when using a 'flat' E=MC2 view.

“We Honestly Have No Fucking Idea What We’re Doing”, Admits Leading Quantum Physicist |...   February 10, 2015 THEORETICAL Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami...  WATERFORDWHISPERSNEWS.COM

Unifying the scales (micro, meso, macro) with E=MC2 version 2.0
Aside from Philadelphia Experiment rumors, and  nuclear fission (.1%)nuclear fusion (1%), matter-antimatter collisions (100%)”. …. What other means can we access the fields from light/matter interactions - quantity C (velocity of light),  the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter, 186,000 mi/sec, 9x10 (20th) ergs/gram – Energy of light in motion equivalent to energy of matter (light stationary)?

Highlighting Terms Of Note:  oscillating electrons create an intense electric field with appropriate adjustment of angle, polarization, and wavelength of light (Possibilities Not Linked Yet: Magnetic and Gravitational fields)

Synthesized material enables plasmonic devices in mid-infrared range At issue is a phenomenon called surface plasmon resonance. This is when researchers illuminate the interface between a conducting and an insulating material. If the angle, polarization, and wavelength of the incoming light are just right, electrons in the conductor begin oscillating. This oscillation creates an intense electric field extending into the insulator that can be used in everything from biomedical sensors to solar cells or opto-electronic devices.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Treading Lightly Towards the ‘Light’: The power of light-matter coupling and other possibilities

Inroads toward ‘real’ …………. Yet physics is still groping in isolated scale sectors.  

Unite the scales and the natural laws of space time mass matter energy gravity to move forward in the 21st century E=MC2 applications: "Physical objects are not in space, but these objects are spatially extended (as fields). The field thus becomes an irreducible element of physical description”. “Space travels with its solids, for each solid is surrounded by a minus zero equal-and-opposite vacuity of the plus zero which we call matter”.  It is perfectly possible to produce a negative gravitational field between the earth and a given object on or near its surface by the proper application of moving electric charges.  Such a field would be effective only with respect to the given object. All other matter in the vicinity would remain within the positive portion of the curve. Light, the quantity C (velocity of light) is the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter, the pivotal point upon which the natural laws become manifest

The power of light-matter coupling

Strasbourg, France (SPX) Feb 12, 2015
Light and matter can be so strongly linked that their characteristics become indistinguishable. These light-matter couplings are referred to as polaritons. Their energy oscillates continuously between both systems, giving rise to attractive new physical phenomena. Now, scientists in France have explained why such polaritons can remain for an unusual long time at the lowest energy levels, in such a way that alters the microscopic and macroscopic characteristics of their constituting matter. These f ... read more

Inroads toward 'real'………….Yet physics is still groping in isolated scale sectors.  Unite the scales and the natural laws of space time mass matter energy gravity to move forward in the 21st century E=MC2 applications

Exotic states materialize with supercomputers

Qian and colleagues found that the topological phases in the TMDC materials can be turned on and off by simply applying a vertical electric field that is perpendicular to the atomic plane of the material. That's shown here in calculations by …more

Inroads toward 'real'………….Yet physics is still groping in isolated scale sectors.  Unite the scales and the natural laws of space time mass matter energy gravity to move forward in the 21st century E=MC2 applications

big bang 

( —The universe may have existed forever, according to a new model that applies quantum correction terms to complement Einstein's theory of general relativity. The model may also account for dark matter and dark energy, resolving multiple problems at once.

MORE    Small-scale challenges to the cold dark matter model  2/12/15 details discrepancies      (—A collaborative of researchers from several U.S. universities has published a new paper that explains the major contradictions presented by the prevailing cold dark matter (CDM) cosmological model, and proposes approaches for reconciling cosmological observations with the CDM model's predictions. The paper, titled "Cold dark matter: Controversies on small scales," was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in December.   Read more at: 

The possibilities are glimmering out of the confinement, isolation of scales (micro, meso, macro), as yet mired in with independent entities of space time mass matter energy gravity – entities exclusively, irrefutably, mutually dependent upon each other (a change to one simultaneously  causes changes to the others - reorganizes the entire meaning of simultaneity).   

Light, the quantity C (velocity of light) is the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter, the pivotal point upon which the natural laws become manifest

The one thing that connects all things: space. The study of the structure of space: geometry. The fundamental geometry of the structure of the universe: sacred geometry "Where there is matter, there is geometry." - Johannes Kepler image: Nassim Haramein • sacred geometry & the flower of life • The Sacred of Geometry • Fractal Enlightenment • Sacred Geometry • The Resonance Project - Página Oficial Hispana • Jamie Janover

"Physical objects are not in space, but these objects are spatially extended (as fields). In this way the concept 'empty space' loses its meaning. ...
The field thus becomes an irreducible element of physical description, irreducible in the same sense as the concept of matter (particles) in the theory of Newton. ...
The physical reality of space is represented by a field whose components are continuous functions of four independent variables - the co-ordinates of space and time.
Since the theory of general relativity implies the representation of physical reality by a continuous field, the concept of particles or material points cannot play a fundamental part, nor can the concept of motion.
The particle can only appear as a limited region in space in which the field strength or the energy density are particularly high."
– Albert Einstein, Metaphysics of Relativity, 1950  Nassim Haramein • • Physics World • Physicist Tv • Physics-astronomy • ScienceAlert • Scientific American magazine

…… Basic building blocks: …...finding a means of dividing the quantum of energy (photon) into its two component parts, and of drawing the negative charge out of the body of the neutron, so that the charge formed a shell of force around the core, we could convert the neutron into the simplest of all atoms, the atom of the element which we call Hydrogen. The simple particle has now become a rather complex mechanism.  The central core which retains almost all of the mass, and from which the gravitational field still emanates, now has a positive electrical charge, and is known as a proton.  The shell of force, which consists entirely of the negative portion of the quantum of energy ….. more. WALTER RUSSELL: “Space is not empty — nor is it an ‘ether’. The space which surrounds every particle of matter in every wave field is the negative half of the wave field. The solid nucleus is the positive half. Both halves are equal in potential but vastly unequal in volume……….Science thinks of space either as a void or as an ether through which solids of matter travel. The fact is that space travels with its solids, for each solid is surrounded by a minus zero equal-and-opposite vacuity of the plus zero which we call matter……… more.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The problems of scale (microscopic, mesoscopic, macroscopic) continue to mount, and impede progress

Can Less be More - Contrast and compare:

Energy contained within a tiny atom or one gram of matter – as contrasted to an earth covered with solar cells and wind farms.

one atom  Thus the total energy released by the fission of 1 atom of Uranium-235 is about 200 MeV which corresponds to 3.2 X 10-11 Joules.  By comparison, the fission of one atom of uranium produces 10 million times the energy produced by the combustion of one atom of carbon from coal.

A gram of matter

Einstein's equation states that the amount of energy you have is equal to the mass involved times the square of the speed of light. If 1 gram of mass is converted into energy, then to determine how much energy is involved in ergs, you just multiply 1 gram by the speed of light squared, in units of centimeters per second. Energy in ergs = 1 gram x ( 30,000,000,000.0 cm/sec) x (30,000,000,000.0 cm/sec). This equals 900,000,000,000,000,000,000.0 ergs of energy.

Though superb advances in Solar, Wind, Renewables continue, they will be inadequate replacements (but for Hydrogen) to meet full scale rising energy requirements in the future. These “green energy” renewables were meant for intermediate supplements caused by the default energy crises, and for unique specialties, until such time as the far past due advanced energy concepts are brought forward into application. “……..Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are costly per unit of output and are intermittent, but can be helpful at the margin in providing clean power - From Bockris to O’Leary to LENR

So, where are we heading as we create bigger and bigger empires to slay…………………???

How Solar Power Could Slay The Fossil Fuel Empire By 2030    (as an aside, note the similarities and correspondences in stages of growth and awareness …. from human development to economic and energy platforms: Maslow’s survival vs self-actualization hierarchy of needs, Piaget's Cognitive stages of child development, psychology’s well-adjusted vs maladjusted behavioral criteria)

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is a concentrated solar thermal plant in the California Mojave Desert, 64 km (40 miles) southwest of Las Vegas, with a gross capacity of 392 megawatts (MW).[5

The Nuclear Option – Take the Fields out of Hiding – No Bang Bang necessary

Though nuclear power today has an energy content about 3 million times greater than that of fossil fuel, our current reactors only release a very small fraction (1/50th) of the total energy content of the Uranium isotope U-235, while producing, over time, massive amounts of nuclear waste.

Replace the ‘new’ horse and buggy analogy with more modern items.

‘Impossible’ Quantum Space Engine Actually Works – NASA Test Suggests No Fuel

The following statement for releasing nuclear energy is becoming more and more questionable: “This energy, however, can be released only by the processes of nuclear fission (.1%)nuclear fusion (1%),[citation needed] or the annihilation of some or all of the matter in the volume V by matter-antimatter collisions (100%)”.

As previously inquired, can nuclear energy be made available in the form of magnetic, electric, and or gravitational fields through substitution/transformation?

We now know, based on the Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law (the quantity C), that the natural laws (of space time mass matter energy gravity) are relative and mutually dependent. That is, the value of one can be altered between any two reference points by altering the value or relationship of the others. This raises the possibility that nuclear energy potential can be transformed/substituted and released through fields using approaches other than fission, fusion or matter-antimatter annihilation.

So we ask again, where did this interchangeable FIELD (electric, magnetic, gravitational) aspect disappear in modern, nuclear, E=MC2 science? Pun -“disappeared by way of the Philadelphia Experiment”

All the Way Down?

From energy to the great, obscene economic divide, followers, naysayers, skeptics, deniers of inconvenient truth/wage linked, and the politically correct, continue to paralyze progress with their nose to the ground “PROVING” the “EARTH IS FLAT” syndrome – which, at their close proximity level to reference point earth, their tiny segment of reality IS FLAT (this same tree/forest problem is found in the contemporary view of both physics and economic standards, flat, straight and narrow, isolated, unintegrated models). In the narrow view, the moaning continues that “the iron horse will never move”, more or less responding profusely to the song “is that all there is”, “YES that is all there is…….” reinforcing Hawkins (Newton’s Chair 2009) statement (paraphrase) ‘what little we do not know, would not make a difference in 50 million years’. .... 'because the partial theories we already have are sufficient to make accurate predictions in all but the most extreme situations' ... 'the ultimate theory of the universe seems difficult to justify'.

Now where does that put field propulsion, or movement, transference, from one point to another without going through all points in between?

The scales have to connect to the CURVE in E=MC2.

Repeating the flat earth syndrome in our expanding window to reality is unwise. Selling REALITY short because one may have issues with consciousness, frequency, metaphysics dramatically skews the viewing field - by denying the CURVE. We have not even approached the beginning of the vast store of knowledge, wisdom, understanding universal reality offers.