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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

‘Water and sunlight the formula for sustainable fuel’ + (plus?)

FIELDS, FIELDS FIELDS: As ‘Location’ is to Real Estate, so ‘Fields’ are to Physics

Since Chemistry, at the root, is really all about fields, ions, spin, frequencies…………………..

What might we be missing into the Nature of Photosynthesis and Catalysts? How might applications of the ‘field’ potential of certain elements, in various combinations, both chemical and/or electromagnetic, induce ease of water separation, and understanding of photosynthesis applications? This question has a direct bearing to aspects of LENR and ‘Cold Fusion’. 

Physics is, after all, of a more disciplined caliber than the conclusion of the lyrics “Is that all there is?” 

Professor Pace said large amounts of hydrogen fuel produced by artificial photosynthesis could transform the economy. "That carbon-free cycle is essentially indefinitely sustainable. Sunlight is extraordinarily abundant, water is everywhere - the raw materials we need to make the fuel. And at the end of the usage cycle it goes back to water,"  more

Catalysts: a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change
How might applications of the ‘field’ potential of certain elements, as in alkali metals, in various combinations, both chemical and/or electromagnetic, acting as a catalyst, induce ease of water separation? This question has a direct bearing to aspects of LENR and ‘Cold Fusion’

Reactivity of an alkali metal with water. All the alkali metals react with water to produce elementary hydrogen and the corresponding alkali hydroxides. The reactivity increases with increasing periodic number. The metals rubidium and cesium explode when brought into contact with oxygen.

POTASSIUM REACTS EXPLOSIVELY WITH WATER Variations Available Elemental Potassium Placed in Beaker of Water An exothermic displacement reaction between elemental Potassium and water producing aqueous Potassium Hydroxide and Hydrogen gas. 

A Floating Flame
  • Potassium is a light metal that floats on water. But exposure to water causes it to burst into flame. It appears as a lilac-colored flame floating on top of the water.
Potassium-Water Reaction
  • The violent reaction of potassium and water causes this flame. The potassium (K) unites with water (H2O) to form potassium hydroxide (KOH) and hydrogen gas (H2). The chemical equation of this reaction is: 2K + 2H2O = 2KOH + H2. This reaction liberates a generous amount of heat.
The Explosion
  • Eventually an explosion occurs, but it is not the potassium that explodes. Rather, since the potassium-water reaction results in the production of hydrogen gas and a large quantity of heat, the heat causes the hydrogen gas to react explosively with the oxygen in the air. 
    Read more :

Water oxidation catalyst (WOC) - Water oxidation advance boosts potential for solar fuel


One of countless varieties and attempts of catalytic applications, still far from home base:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Integration. Replacing Physics’ Broken (and Breaking) Energy Mirror of ever-expanding Isolated Bits & Pieces

Befuddlement is the act of giving the same phenomena different terms and definitions resulting from the specificity of focus within the varieties of scientific disciplines/divisions of studies; especially and foremost, within the realms of - the very large, the here and now, the very small. The goal of elucidating principles that can be applied to all types of systems at all nesting levels in all fields of research was perhaps first recognized by Bertalanffy's general system theory (GST). The run-away breakthroughs to accelerate the comprehensive integration of macro theories, can be initially recognized with a review of the Nonlinearity of Physical Law, paying particular attention to the absolute precision by which the “as above so below” principle and phenomena operate, as revealed by fractals and chaos to order theories.  

Cold Fusion LENR 'Befuddlement?' at NASA 2014

Exploring The Missing Half – The Primer Fields
within Barbara Dewey’s “Big Blink” of the constant moving instant ‘Now’, ‘Now’ – to Walter Russell’s “point of rest” between the stages of unfoldment and refoldment, the cycles of ‘genero-activity’ contraction of gravity, at the inner explosive speed of light -  and radioactive expansion of vacuity, at the outer explosive speed of light.

Unfortunately, Macro theories to date, integrating physics, chemistry and the like, as in The Grand Unified Theory GUT, cannot seem to get out of their infancy, namely, I would venture to guess, due to the obstacle called Light – recognized physically, but refuted, unaccounted for mentally, or corrected for mathematically.

Copmprehensive integration between the very large to the very small must always account for the nature of LIGHT, the quantity C - Please Review:  

     Physicists will never come to grips with the grand theories of the universe, Penrose holds, until they see past the blinding distractions of today’s half-baked theories to the deepest layer of the reality in which we live.

For those ignoring the read/comprehension of the vision obstacle that Light - the quantity C, the Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law, the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter - plays upon space time mass matter energy gravity…….. perhaps, in a roundabout way, we can enlist aid and support by lessening the continuing bewilderment found between Relativity and Quantum, wave and particle, mystical ‘action at a distance’, ‘entanglement’, dead and alive cat, simultaneity, and the like…….. with the following scientific exhibits, behaviors and continuing explorations, which, when taken together, may self-steer one toward a larger, more comprehensible, unified theory, and understanding, replete with their profound applications.

The evidence is irrefutable – Get the Data

Atoms to Galaxies – a fundamental, self-extrapolating synopsis – a merged, more extensive viewing point: ”Radiation and Absorption-two atoms in space review - Atoms to Galaxies. “Blackbody radiation" or "cavity radiation" which initially replaced the concept of aether, now termed the Planck Field of Electromagnetic fluctuations, refers to an object or system which absorbs all radiation incident upon it and re-radiates energy which is characteristic of this radiating system only. The Principles of Ether Equate to the Planck Field of Electromagnetic Fluctuations

There is a  Huge Divided Gulf Between The Very Large And The Very Small When the Non-Linearity of Physical Law is Ignored

Emerging Possibilities from the Electron  The End Of Oil, Coal And Nuclear Pollution

USEFUL FOR THE REMAINDER OF THIS POST:  Synthesis  using  Inductive Reasoning - begins with specific observations and measures, detects patterns and regularities, formulates some tentative hypotheses to explore, to finally end up developing some general conclusions or theories.  

Depending on the quantum number describing the angular momentum, the electrons rotated in three different ways with zero frequency, the cyclotron frequency, and the Larmor frequency, which is half the cyclotron frequency.

Anti-Gravity Ball by MIT Opens New Dimensions. MIT media lab created a metal ball which is capable of doing some extraordinary feats while being in anti gravity mode. This round shiny metal ball has been named as ZeroN and it has indeed put a great significance in manipulating technologies in a more…

Scientists Use Sound Waves To Levitate And Manipulate Matter

Ride-able, Super Cooled Quantum Levitating Hoverboard

The Volkswagen hover car uses electromagnetic levitation to float along its own grid above the regular road network.

The Wonderful World of Hydrogen (deuterium, cold fusion, hydrides, browns gas, electrolysis, fuel cells….…..)

Metal Hydrides – chemical, space-time-field, manipulation: Some hydrides can actually store twice the amount of hydrogen than can be stored in the same volume of liquid hydrogen. The DOE ’s Basic Energy Sciences under the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative, investigates the process of hydrogen uptake and release in complex hydrides and is trying to identify how atoms and molecules move around during the charge and discharge process. Hydrogen bonds with transition metals. One interesting and unique characteristic of these hydrides are that they can be nonstoichiometric, meaning basically that the fraction of H atoms to the metals are not fixed. Nonstoichiometric compounds have a variable composition. With metal and hydrogen bonding there is a crystal lattice that H atoms can and may fill in between the lattice while some might not – it is not a fixed ratio of H atoms to the metals.  (current explanation of liquid state h2 to semi-chemical bonding, ion state, of h2, is insufficient in addressing the larger scope of space/energy substitution across states of matter)

Brown’s Gas   (monatomic hydrogen is very reactive and unstable controversy” Water can be cheaply disassociated into Brown's Gas / HHO gas (monatomic and diatomic Hydrogen and Oxygen) using efficient electrolyzing techniques which require very little power to operate. A Monatomic hydrogen application – Atomic Hydrogen Welding ……. hydrogen gas is normally diatomic (H2), but where the temperatures are over 600 °C (1100 °F) near the arc, the hydrogen breaks down into its atomic form, simultaneously absorbing a large amount of heat from the arc. When the hydrogen strikes a relatively cold surface (i.e., the weld zone), it recombines into its diatomic form releasing the energy associated with the formation of that bond.

Cold Fusion - LENR 2014 Updates

NASA Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft Investigator: Doug Wells, NASA Langley Research Center

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cracking The New Entrenched, Solidified, Limited Belief Prison Of Renewables

Repost from Soundoff –

Since the dawn of Energy: The Solar Hydrogen Economy in 1975, by Dr. J. O’M Bockris, there have been significant advances and applications of renewables, all to the good. On a larger scale, however, as forewarned in the 1980s Unnecessary Space and Cost Requirements for a Solar Hydrogen Economy - High Tech, Low Inventiveness, Creativity - by Design or Default? , and pointed out by the late Dr. Brian O’Leary, these renewables of themselves will be inadequate, “a necessary but insufficient” means of providing the energy intensive needs of our evolving complex life system.

I still agree with Dr. Bockris, hydrogen will replace our old fuel base, but only with advanced hydrogen technologies for the separation of water, which addresses the larger ‘field’ concept of E=MC2, opening the doors to field propulsion, antigravity, Zero Point energy, etc.

In the interim, following the ‘crowd’ to new limit/belief prisons asphyxiating our future is not recommended. For an eye-opener, note the greater the consequences from global warming intensity, the more exposed become our entrenched and limited beliefs about energy – in effect, a physical prison, a denial of evolutionary survival need requirements. The worldwide, collective outcomes upon human and earth life, as signified by State of the World, World Watch (more or less a self-killing frenzy, kick) may be directly attributed to our 21st Century ‘modern’, but very, very, skewed, dissected, unintegrated scientific disciplines and applications.

As World Watch phrased it, sustainability must work especially hard to maintain its integrity amidst a growing cacophony of sustainababble.

Litsa Sfarnas  Education Management
Man-Made Warming Now Number One Cause Of Melting Glaciers By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent OSLO, Aug 14 (Reuters) - Man-made greenhouse gas emissions have become the dominant cause of melting in glaciers from the Alps to the Andes that is raising world sea levels, a study said o... more

THE NOW ENTRENCHED, SOLIDIFIED, LIMITED BELIEF PRISON OF RENEWABLES: “The renewable resources consist of Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydrogen, Geothermal, Ocean, and Hydropower. We need all of these and right now, we have access to each one of them” (period)  “.


THE EXCITEMENT AND PROMISE OF THE 1940s, 1950s AND 60s, ....offering extended E=MC2 applications of fields and frequencies – ZPE to Electrograv - have fallen into the ‘need to know’ well, with only rumors, conspiracy theories, and faint historical data, such as electrogravitics - participation by companies such as Douglas, Glenn Martin, General Electric, Bell, Convair, Lear, and Sperry-Rand), effectively silenced, with a maybe yes, maybe no, inconclusive, foggy, and (therefore) unprofitable concept…….Concepts that by today would have been second nature in belief and understanding. Concepts that would have shattered the tiny energy belief boxes, including the primitive, stagnant nuclear application of E=MC2, and opened the door to a much larger, more profound, unrestricted REALITY.

Physics: Problems and Solutionselectrogravity

Electrogravitics for advanced propulsion

Instead, we continue to choose - , along with global warming, economic strangulation, traffic nightmares and the like…….

Playing hermit "the iron horse will not move" syndrome is no longer fun. Life is meant to break the chains of darkness and limitation.  

Missing 21st Century scientific ingredients:____________


Protons are quantum scale black holes. 

Gravity is a ratio of mass to surface area 

More info.:


Nassim Haramein has calculated a geometric solution for the gravitational field. In his latest paper "Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass" he describes gravity in a classical algebraic way by calculating the density of the space both within and on the outside of the event horizon of a proton. The seemingly "empty" vacuum of space is actually a nearly infinitely dense super-fluid medium made of tiny tiny tiny little frothing bubbles of energy. Sometimes called the "quantum foam", each of these miniscule vibrations represents a spherical wave form, or quanta, that is the diameter of the smallest possible measurable distance, the Planck length. Haramein calls these tiny spherical information bits Planck spherical units or PSUs. The PSUs on the interior of the proton's event horizon pack together in a perfectly space-filling overlapping 3D Flower of Life structure with each sphere's center being connected by a tetrahedral geometry lattice. The PSUs within the proton volume holographically project on the proton surface event horizon as "flat" equatorial circles in a flower of life tiling pattern. In this image, the first equation describes the ratio between the proton surface area and the surface Planck circles showing that the number of equatorial circles on the Proton surface equals 10↑40 (10 to the 40 or 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Planck length diameter circles) The second equation shows the number of Planck spherical units contained within the proton, which is 10↑60. In the third equation, the external surface horizon is divided by the internal volume and then multiplied by the Planck mass to give the total value of the proton mass. With a simple classical geometric calculation, Haramein obtains the mass of the proton according to the standard model, as measured from the outside, in the laboratory: 10↑-24 gm. Haramein then calculates the external Planck circles divided by the internal Planck spheres to obtain the gravitational mass of the proton, which equals 10↑14 which is the exact amount of mass needed for the proton to obey what is called the the Schwarzschild condition of a black hole.