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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Powering the Future – Running on Hydrogen

Powering the Future – Running on Hydrogen

This is a repeat of the 1970’s. Your future evolutionary restricted box is being designed for you, with your best interests (and H2 filling stations) in mind. For those that do not approve of being totally controlled, and not afraid to THINK – join me for a really positive Hydrogen future with hydrogen production on demand  from water in your gas tank, and NO FILLING STATIONS NEEDED.

When it comes to cars, Toyota thinks hydrogen fuel cells are one of the technologies of the future. And the company isn't alone.
Offering the promise of a clean ride with long range, it's a technology automakers are racing to perfect, and one they're betting will catch on.
"We see fuel cells as the ultimate answer (down the road) to zero-emission vehicles," Toyota spokesman Wade Hyt told "By 2020, we're going to have fuel cells as an important part of our portfolio."

Hydrogen Progress 1970’s (43 years ago)

True Activist's photo.

In 1999 I continued our 1970’s Proposal “New Energy Applications Challenge” on our Fuel 2000 and Beyond site   As many in this field are aware, advanced hydrogen technologies, noted by Dr. Brian O’Leary in his book The Energy Solution Revolution, have been around for some time, from Brown’s gas properties, to electro-magnetic chemical bonding influence, to high pressure water/steam system releases of hydrogen bonds, producing excess energy.

We challenged those in the field the practicality of obtaining the funding for “field propulsion” research, would be to make J. O”M Bockris “Hydrogen Economy” a reality with a varied electrolytic process. Our concept came from the 1960’s discovery of an unrelated catalytic procedure that happened to produce excess hydrogen from water under some conditions.  The missing catalytic combination element we were still researching was made clear by the Fleischmann-Pons Cold Fusion claim. Hydrogen on demand, water in your gas tank was clearly feasible, and extremely threatening to the status quo.  
We proposed “The energy breakthroughs will shake the very foundations of erroneous beliefs – that are threatening our future anyway.  The money/power association to the new energy sector, requires an innovative organization of a NASA capacity, to insure appropriate use - totally open to the Public with wide open Media coverage – As of yet, no takers.

Totally open to the Public with wide open Media coverage - “Non-profit R&D Proposal to Unify”

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