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Thursday, March 6, 2014

NEXT QUESTION: Light’s Curved Bombshell

A trip from Earth to Alpha Centauri at four times the speed of light - a postulated thought experiment further revealing the necessity to introduce expanded variables when dealing with large scale variances.  

Additional reference points for the reader to consider regarding the previous post challenge “to do some critical thinking of the factors involved in the Chicago to New York trip at the velocity of light speed” full details)

It is always NOW:
“If we continue to observe for several years, we will eventually see ourselves build the craft and take off into space. At the same time we can see ourselves in the same craft hurtling backward through space toward the inevitable meeting point where the past and the future join to become the present.

Since we are observing ourselves simultaneously occupying three different positions in space, we can readily see that we are forced to a concept of time which includes more than one dimension. If we continue to observe the two craft, we will see that the one which is moving away from us is constantly slowing down, while the one coming toward us from the earth is accelerating. At the instant in which the velocity of the receding craft reaches zero, the approaching craft will reach it, coincide with it, and both craft will disappear completely from view. Our lateral excursion into time has completed its curve and we have returned to the starting point of our unidimensional concept.”  full details

NEXT QUESTION: Light’s Curved Bombshell

Now to the next question: Describe the actions of the natural laws (space time mass matter energy gravity) when frequencies at VC or VC plus energy differentials are substituted for velocity between two or more specified reference points?

Recall: While we have repeatedly referred to the quantity C as an energy differential, we have heretofore considered it only in terms of kinetic energy. Some may believe that it can be reached only when there is a rate of increase or decrease in the degree of spatial separation between the reference points, equal to 3x10(10) centimeters per second, or in simpler terms, a velocity equal to that of light. It is necessary therefore to point out the fact that an energy differential does not necessarily manifest itself as a velocity. It can also exist as a frequency. Our present laws of physics state that the energy level upon which an electron, a photon, or other particle exists is proportionate to its frequency. The mathematical rule is E equals Fh, where E is the energy, F is the frequency and h is a factor called Planck's constant.

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