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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Science — What’s Behind the Curtain?

An excellent, thought provoking, and in depth look by Thrive at the foundational lenses through which we define our reality. Both the extreme danger and opportunity are obvious. Today, ignoring these issues is not an option.

Toward a thriving world,   Foster, Kimberly and The THRIVE Team  


What determines scientific truth? It depends on which lens you are looking through.

Science — What’s Behind the Curtain?

Have you ever heard the phrase, you can’t argue with science? Well, what is that supposed to mean? What is science, and who determines what gets researched and what models of reality prevail?

VISION: A world where Science serves the thriving of all people, where human beings are open to the benefit of rigorous processes of inquiry with logic, research and testing while simultaneously honoring the role of consciousness and phenomena that stretch beyond the reach of the physical senses and the rational mind.

Danger : The genuine search for the truth about how nature works is increasingly co-opted by the vested interests of those who control the funding of research and patenting (such as corporations, politicians and the military), and the genuine pursuit of greater understanding about how the universe works and our place in it is superseded by the agenda of a controlling elite.

Opportunity : Research and development takes place in a truly free market of voluntary association and results that impact the public are transparent about the sources of their funding. Science is honored for its ability to discover how we can align our systems with natural principles and thrive together on a healthy planet.   More

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