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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Focus – Next Generation Propulsion within a larger Energy reality

Taking the fundamentals from a previous post The Geometry of Form, the Connectivity of Space, and the Properties of Spin , we will now look at some theoretical possibilities whose applications could be accelerated if their concepts are unified with these fundamentals. We will, of course, have to include the tangential and isolated topics replicated below, which indeed open exploratory doors but lack full comprehension towards practical engineering applications:
Torsion fields
·        Now Come Torsion Fields
·        Torsion Field Articles
·        Experimental Detection
Heim Quantum Theory
·        The Basics of Heim Theory
Seriously flawed path of classical electrodynamics
Energy From The Vacuum
Rotation, SuperConduction, High Freq EM
·        The Physics of Anti-Gravity
+/- charges combined in Neutron, produce Grav field
·        Radius of Curvature
Zero Point
·        Calphysics Institute
·        The Bell Device


A next generation quantum space propulsion system “….space is not a vacuum. Instead, it is filled with a roiling sea of particles and anti-matter particles that are created and then destroy themselves in a blink of an eye. This quantum effect can be harnessed via the dynamic Casimir effect.”     (to the skeptics - the concepts have validity of themselves – especially past the ‘flat math’ light obstacle of E=mc2….i.e., The Nonlinearity of Physical Law

LENR   Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft Investigator: Doug Wells, NASA Langley Research Center  


A new concept and design aspects of an ‘antigravity’ propulsion mechanism based on inertial forces


Majorana fermion: Physicists observe elusive particle that is its own antiparticle


OVAL Technologies – Advanced Propulsion and Gravity Control

An excellent intro inter-phasing Einstein, Tesla, Brown…………..

·        Understanding Light
 Thus not only do changing magnetism and changing electric field produce each other ( as per Maxwell's equations ) but a combination of electric field and magnetism produces change or movement of the fields themselves. This can be simplified into the statement, "Any changing electromagnetic field has the requirement of possessing an associated gravitational field." However, as will be shown, a gravitational field can exist independent of any electromagnetic field. Like electric field is associated with static charge, and magnetic field can be associated with static magnetic field, similarly there is an associated static case for gravitational field, mass.




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