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Monday, April 6, 2015

About Time – It really is time to upgrade, advance our concept of time

 I was rather shocked to see Interstellar’s (November 5, 2014 release date) concept of time portrayed as crippled and backward as nearly half century earlier movies depicting the age anamolies occurring between reference point earth and someone who ventured into space at energy differentials approaching, at, or exceeding light speed, and upon return noted differences in aging, as in a father being much younger than the daughter he had left behind.

That neither layman, nor scientist, can comprehend ‘reference points’, ‘space’, ‘time’, ‘light’, and ‘energy differential’ interactions when approaching, at, and exceeding light speed – and then returning to the same energy level someone started at, is beyond awe.

Light, by which we measure and define reality, (which will NEVER give a measurement result faster than its own speed), and ‘energy differentials exceeding VC’, the absolute time stays constant, regardless of separation. Only the appearance, measurement, depending upon choice of reference point, presents a space time differential - as in someone traveling to Alpha Centauri in one second creating a four year (light based) age discrepancy, however returning the next second, back to the original energy differential reference point earth, the age is the same between the two reference points, as they are each again back to the same energy level….. and the passage of time was the same for both. Please review Beyond A Uni-Dimensional Perception of TIME.

Time, is the same to all, anywhere. Energy differentials approaching, at, and exceeding VC give only the appearance of time anomalies.  Likewise, THERE IS NO LIMIT TO VELOCITY - If we leave the surface of the earth, our reference point will go along with us, and the limitations of relativity will always precede us at a distance equal to the quantity C.  


“The concept is outright exemplified in the first planet that the Endurance team visits. In general, time on our side of the wormhole moves faster than time in the uncharted side. Due to close proximity with gravitational anomalies from a nearby black hole (Gargantua), time on the other side is exponentially slower”.

The following link to the Unified Field and Illusion of Time, reveals a much larger approach, a considerably grander concept of Time/or its illusion, excellent in bringing together critical components necessary for insight into a unified field, however flounders on as yet uncompleted highways of thought and understanding, only tenuously held together by flimsy dirt paths, many which still require random stump jumping to reach coherence toward a main thorough fare, a cohesion of the natural laws.

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