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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Twisted nanofibers create structures tougher than bulletproof vests to ……?

The marvels of spin and shapes and relationships in our electromagnetic dynamic universe: The electricity generated by stretching the twisted nanofiber formed an attraction 10 times stronger than a hydrogen bond, which is considered one of the strongest forces formed between molecules.

Statement no longer so strange as physics crawls out of Nano and begins to observe relationships and continuity in scales:  It is perfectly possible to produce a negative gravitational field between the earth and a given object on or near its surface by the proper application of moving electric charges.  Such a field would be effective only with respect to the given object. All other matter in the vicinity would remain within the positive portion of the curve. 


Now for the really big spin and curve - LIGHT
Bringing self-discovery and common sense to relationships and continuity in scales, opening the doors to unlimited possibilities.

    Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law:

Any magnetic field which is changing in intensity, will create an electric field which at any given instant, is equal in amplitude opposite in sign and perpendicular to the magnetic field. If the two fields become mutually resonant, a vector force will be generated, whose direction is perpendicular to each of the other two, creating an effect similar to, and in fact identical with, a gravitational field. 

    Gravity:  the positive and negative charges of the protons and electrons, when united within the neutron, are not discernible as charges but exist as energy which produces the gravitational field.

    Antigravity - conclusive evidence that the attraction, called the binding energy, which exists between the Newtonian particles, (the protons and the neutrons) is intense almost beyond our ability to describe. This force, however, does not increase uniformly with increasing mass, but at certain points not only reaches zero but actually becomes negative. We can demonstrate this fact by adding a single unit of Newtonian mass, a neutron, to the nucleus of an atom of Uranium 235. When this is done, we find that the gravitational force within the nucleus, instead of increasing actually becomes negative, that is, the attraction between its parts becomes a repulsion, and the parts begin to separate with considerable brisance.

    Antigravity in the Macro Deleting Big Bang - Through the concept of the curvature of physical law we can explain the observed actions of the present universe by postulating that an attraction exists between the individual bodies within a galaxy, because their total mass and distance is such that they are within the positive portion of the gravitation curve with respect to each other. In the vast spaces between the galaxies however, the curve dips below the zero line with the result that a repulsion exists between the galaxies themselves.  This also explains why matter, although rather evenly distributed throughout the known universe, is not distributed uniformly, but found in quite similar concentrations at comparatively regular distances.

    I note that some are still pushing for ‘space vines’, swinging like monkeys to space. I certainly hope science can do better that that and get back to real world, real time ‘Now’ with field propulsion, the natural and universal means of producing kinetic energy differentials.

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