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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Moving Forward

We are now observing science at the forefront slowly merging back with common sense, natural law, and human history.


From the Torus to the Yin Yang, sacred geometry, colors, music, to energy of the vacuum, black holes, frequency and the quantity C (speed of light), more precise measurements are being made with greater comprehension and greater understanding.


MOVING FORWARD, replacing our skewed, outlandish, inappropriate and inapplicable high end theories of energy with new comprehension (example,  see QUANTUM GRAVITY AND THE HOLOGRAPHIC MASS  Download the Paper.), we can commence with engineering, testing and measurement of the applicable phase of the Torus – the yin yang sine wave nature of radius quantity C (radius of curvature of all natural law), as it plays along the wave, plus to minus differential between any two or more reference points:

The Nonlinearity of Physical Law


"The circle of fifths"  The Resonance Project 

  Nassim Haramein   Music directly reflects the structure of space-time. Here we see how the musical system called "the circle of fifths" perfectly maps to the cube octahedron, or whatBuckminster Fuller called the "vector equilibrium" which is comprised of 6 pairs of equal and opposite vectors that perfectly match the 6 pairs of tri-tones (the interval that divides the 12-tone musical scale perfectly in half). 
We already have the fractal geometry of the structure of the vacuum of space encoded into our musical systems!
For more on the connection between music and Sacred geometry check-out this excellent website onCosmometry which explores the fractal holographic nature of the cosmos created by The Resonance Project's board member Marshall Lefferts :

Atoms to Galaxies


WALTER RUSSELL:"………. All unfolding and refolding patterns are gyroscopically manipulated, electrically motivated and magnetically measured and controlled………………In the chemical elements, the sharps and flats are isotopes. These can be produced by man in greater numbers than Nature has produced them, for Nature does not begin to split her tones until she has passed two octaves beyond carbon. ….. malleability and conductivity await division in vast quantities from carbon and silicon. These will be found when science discards its concept of matter as being substance, and becomes aware of the gyroscopic control of motion which will split the carbon tone into isotopes as a musical tone is split into sharps and flats


It’s A Musical Universe Evolution Intelligent Design Survival

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
It's a Musical Universe!

     sacred geometry & the flower of life pattern has been encoded as a ancient symbols in civilization's art and documents around the world for thousands of years. A geometric solution for gravity has been right under our noses (and our paws) this whole time! 

Physics breakthrough: Is the universe a giant hologram?  full article

Astrophile: Trio of dead stars could take on Einstein

Breaking relativity: Celestial signals defy Einstein  Space-time is the fabric of the universe, perhaps of reality itself. But what is it? (Image: Sam Chivers) Strange signals picked up from black holes and distant supernovae suggest there's more to space-time than Einstein believed. WE LIVE in an invisible landscape: a landscape that, although we cannot perceive it directly, determines everything that we see and do. Every object there is, from a planet orbiting the sun to a rocket coasting to the moon or a pencil dropped carelessly on the floor, follows its imperceptible contours. We battle against them each time we labour up a hill or staircase. This is the landscape of space-time: the underlying fabric of the physical universe, perhaps of reality itself. Although we don't see its ups and downs, we feel them as the force we call gravity. Developed by the physicist Hermann Minkowski in the 20th century, and used by Albert ...

The surprise theory of everything (full article)

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