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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Spintronics: The magnetic/electric link possesses awesome potential

The magnetic/electric link offers additional insight to the quantity C (velocity of light), the radius of curvature of all natural law, the pivotal point upon which the natural laws become manifest, the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter – and yes, it all spins, in and out, @ VC.

Numerous application are being researched and developed with the new discovered link between magnetism and electricity and spin.

The Spintronic Generator is one such application: Time will tell if the engineering is successful and can break through the QC vision obstacle towards full potential applications (and/or avoid $ backed human suppressants).

The Spintronic Generator (STG) produces energy by utilizing quantum-reactions between the molecular electron spin and magnetic interactions. 


Novel MgZnO-based spintronic materials and devices.   Abstract:  This Phase I STTR project addresses the development of novel Zinc Oxide-based spintronic devices. The spintronic devices will find widespread application in civilian and military markets offering new generation of transistors, lasers and integrated magnetic sensors. The objective of the Phase I effort is to explore novel doping schemes to achieve room temperature ferromagnetism in ZnMgO materials doped with magnetic ions and co-doped with transition metals. SVT Associates will be utilizing innovative approaches using modulation-doped p-type heterostructures for designing, modeling and optimization of novel spintronic structures. 

MANY FOCUSED EYES WATCHING (and/or directing, influencing?)  

PREFACE:  The history of scientific research and technological development is replete with examples of breakthroughs that have advanced the frontiers of knowledge, but seldom does it record events that constitute paradigm shifts in broad areas of intellectual pursuit. One notable exception, however, is that of spin electronics (also called spintronics, magnetoelectronics or magnetronics), wherein information is carried by electron spin in addition to, or in place of, electron charge. It is now well established in scientific and engineering communities that Moore's Law, having been an excellent predictor of integrated circuit density and computer performance since the 1970s, now faces great challenges as the scale of electronic devices has been reduced to the level where quantum effects become significant factors in device operation. Electron spin is one such effect that offers the opportunity to continue the gains predicted by Moore's Law, by taking advantage of the confluence of magnetics and semiconductor electronics in the newly emerging discipline of spin electronics.

Spin Battery Could Revolutionize Energy:  Imagine an iPod or laptop battery that could be recharged, without a cord, simply by holding it near a magnetic field.    Spintronics is the new science of computers and memory chips that are based on electron spin rather than (or in addition to) the charge (used in electronics). Spintronics is an exciting field that holds promise to build faster and more efficient computers and other devices

QuantumWise released a new version of their Atomistix ToolKit (ATK) simulation software. The new version speeds up simulation performance by 40%. The new version also includes several new features, including noncollinear spin enables computations of spin transfer torque and other properties of magnetic tunnel junctions.

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