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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Warping, Bending the Fabric of Space-Time, is all about Spin and Wobble and Frequency

Warping, bending the fabric of space-time may sound fancy to those still within Plato’s allegory of the cave, however, real funding (aside from black projects) will not be available until the “Snow White’ fantasy is re-construed. 
Movement from one point to another, without going through all points in between, does not require warps and bends. It is simply a substitution of energy differentials between any two or more reference points (of the natural laws – space time mass matter energy gravity – along the radius of curvature VC). It is all about spin and wobble and frequency.  

Stay Tuned to “warps” progress. Reference to the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ is in the right direction, but for the misnomers of Warps and Bends. 

David Pares points to the Faraday cage that he uses in his warp drive experiments in the garage of his Aksarben-area home. “It is so far out there, he’s not going to get funding to do it,” says Jack Kasher, a retired UNO physics professor. “If it’s going to be done, it’s going to be done in his garage.”  more
Warp Speed 

Is Warp Drive Possible?  NASA researchers have actually been testing actual faster-than-light warp drive practicality.

Integrate, make the connections: The Connected Universe

The Resonance Project:  "The Golden Ratio exists at all scales in the Universe from the grandest galaxies to the microorganisms inside your body. It is truly fascinating when get a glimpse into how the Universe organizes itself. "

Suggestion for the experimental micros below: INTERCHANGE FROM THE MICRO, TO THE HERE AND NOW, TO THE MACRO – ACCOUNTING FOR THE RADIUS OF CURVATURE – AND ONE WILL PROVE THE CONCEPT “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW IS ATTAINABLE. Field Propulsion, the natural and universal means of producing kinetic energy differentials, will then become a reality.
Halting photons could lead to miniature particle accelerators, improved data transmission   last year's finding demonstrated a new method in which the waves cancel out their own radiation fields. The new work shows that this light-trapping process, which involves twisting the polarization direction of the light, is based on a kind of vortex—the same phenomenon behind everything from tornadoes to water swirling down a drainRead more

Halting photons could lead to miniature particle accelerators, improved data transmission 

Lead islands in a sea of graphene magnetize the material of the future
The secret is to intercalate atoms or Pb islands below the sea of hexagons of carbon that make up graphene. This produces an enormous interaction between two electron characteristics: their spin - a small 'magnet' linked to their rotation - and their orbit, the movement they follow around the nucleus.
"This spin-orbit interaction is a million times more intense than that inherent to graphene, which is why we obtain revolutions that could have important uses, for example in data storage," explains Rodolfo Miranda, Director of IMDEA Nanoscience and head of the study.


A good review of Atoms to Galaxies, and StarSteps, provides a cleaner, simplified view of spins and wobbles and possibilities.

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