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Thursday, March 12, 2015

About that Space - Taking the ‘strange’ out of the Standard Model

About that Space…….. AND Time, Mass, Matter, Energy, Gravity (fields)

Ten years past the centennial celebration of E=MC2, with all those elegant, fine, superb, hallowed mathematical equations and principles since……..

Need any more be said about physics' inability to SEE (i.e., ‘the light’, the constant C, Radius of Curvature, throughout One Reality, not three - micro meso macro,  as it plays upon the mutually dependent natural laws of space time mass matter energy gravity-fields).

The Resonance Project The relationship of the pieces are not necessarily limited to the apparent system in which they are found or associated with. No isolated system has ever been observed in nature (though we’ve based most of our fundamental laws of modern physics on the premise of an isolated system). Furthermore, the relationship of all the pieces generates a synergetic effect (as defined by Buckminster Fuller) in which the behavior of the whole system is greater than and unpredictable from the sum of the parts.”

The righteousness of Experiment: 1000 Physicists, each measuring one square inch of various flat deserts around the world, will ALWAYS CONFIRM with experimental PROOF that the world is indeed flat, based on those many square (disconnected) inches. – ‘as above so below’, ‘point of view, viewing point’, in the larger micro-meso-macro combo reality is totally ignored.

The theories resulting from the disconnected elegant math are just as absurd.

Nassim knew there had to be something fundamental and universal that was contracting in order to cause the expansion of the universe and that the standard model did not sufficiently account for this universal contraction

To date, the disconnection in both math and theory are still proliferating exponentially towards infinity, with no one the wiser. One gleam of hope might come from spintronics and nanoscale, mostly trivia function, breakthroughs – provided the various isolated breakthrough segments merge into a larger concept.

The standard model of cosmology is strange. The model predicts that dark matter and dark energy – two mysterious entities that have never been detected—make up 95% of the universe, leaving only 5% composed of the ordinary matter. It's a beautiful theory: the standard model of cosmology describes the universe using just six parameters. But it is also strange. The model predicts that dark matter and dark energy – two mysterious entities that have never been detected—make up 95% of the universe, leaving only 5% composed of the ordinary matter so essential to our existence. In an article in this week's Science, Princeton astrophysicist David Spergel reviews how cosmologists came to be certain that we are surrounded by matter and energy that we cannot see. Observations of galaxies, supernovae, and the universe's temperature, among other things, have led researchers to conclude that the universe is mostly uniform and flat, but is expanding due to a puzzling phenomenon called dark energy. The rate of expansion is increasing over time, counteracting the attractive force of gravity. This last observation, says Spergel, implies that if you throw a ball upward you will see it start to accelerate away from you. Distant supernova split four ways by gravitational lens   Gravitational lens bending and magnifying?  The dark side of cosmology;   The taming of magnetic vorticesThese electrical alternating voltage signals are emitted by the stacked vortices when connected to a direct current. The characteristic frequencies of the microwaves are now used by the physicists to determine the core polarity and sense of circulation of the vortices. "This principle is similar to that of playing a wooden flute: here too, each position of the fingers over the holes clearly corresponds to a particular musical note, a vibration frequency," explains Dr. Alina Deac, head of the Helmholtz Young Investigator Group for spintronics at the HZDR. With this new method, the scientists from Dresden, Julich and Strasbourg have been able to design new nanoscale components that are not only capable of storing information within magnetic vortices, but also enable it to be reliably read out electrically.

Removing the ‘strange’ out of the Standard Model can be accomplished by unifying scale (micro, meso, macro), deleting obsolete reference frames, and integrating (space time mass matter energy gravity) with an energy/frequency differential common denominator equivalent to each of the natural laws

None of the difficulties in the contemporary strange model invalidate any of the mathematical laws from which these strange concepts have been derived, but they do emphasize the great need for explanations which are more compatible with reason and understanding.

For instance, in the expanding universe case, would it not be simpler to assume that the degree of separation which exists between the galaxies, when considered as individual bodies, is apparently increasing because they occupy opposite portions of the sine curve of natural law?
If we exchange our postulate of linear laws and a "curved space" for a concept which incorporates the curvature of natural law, we find that we have not thereby destroyed or invalidated any of our present mathematics, but we have achieved a position from which the operation of the natural laws can be pictured by the mind and can be charted upon paper. Thus we have taken a great stride in the direction of understanding.

Electrodynamics profoundly needs updating. 

Any magnetic field which is changing in intensity, will create an electric field which at any given instant, is equal in amplitude opposite in sign and perpendicular to the magnetic field. If the two fields become mutually resonant, a vector force will be generated, whose direction is perpendicular to each of the other two, creating an effect similar to, and in fact identical with, a gravitational field ……….  It is perfectly possible to produce a negative gravitational field between the earth and a given object on or near its surface by the proper application of moving electric charges.  Such a field would be effective only with respect to the given object. All other matter in the vicinity would remain within the positive portion of the curve ……… “The confining force that protons experience in the nuclei of an atom (the “so-called” strong force or strong interaction) is equivalent to the gravitational force energy that two protons would experience if they were tiny black holes attracting each other.”

Thoughts on extracting energy from the vacuum:  

The mutually dependent definitions of space time mass matter energy gravity along the Radius of Curvature are summarized below:

 The Quantity C: Possessing a Significance Far Greater than Attributed - When we state that the quantity C is the radius of the curvature of natural law, we mean simply that if a differential of energy equal to this quantity exists between the observer and the point which he is observing, the natural laws will be suspended. If the energy differential is in excess of the quantity C, the laws will appear to operate in reverse at that point.  

 Gravity – As Viewed Through the Radius (VC) - The law of gravity is not a linear law but follows a curve common to all factors of nature.  The gravitational field does not diminish precisely as the square of the distance as Newton believed, but because of the curvature of natural law, it diminishes normally at a slightly greater rate so that it reaches zero value, not at infinity as is usually supposed, but at a finite distance or degree of separation. Beyond this distance or degree of separation the force becomes negative.  We can define a gravitational field as negative when the application of the factor called time tends to increase the degree of separation between any two reference points in the factor called matter.  The value of the gravitational field at any given point is controlled by the values of the other factors of nature at that point.  The electric charges within the atom are a factor which modulates the shape of the gravitational curve of the nucleus.

 Space as Observed through the Curve of Radius Light - Space is that which separates bodies of matter. This separation is a vector function of the time, energy and mass differentials.  The degree of separation which exists between any two bodies, or reference points, determine the degree of curvature of the natural laws between them.  The natural laws are relative. That is, the value of one can be altered between any two reference points by altering the value or relationship of the other. This last fact should always be borne in mind when we hear some dogmatist solemnly declare that we are forever barred from reaching the stars by the hopelessly great degree of separation which exists between us.

 Matter and Mass - Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass -  differences in the properties of inertial and Newtonian mass - the electron gains 'mass' with every increase in its velocity. If an electron could be accelerated to the velocity C, (commonly called the velocity of light), it would have acquired the maximum velocity with which energy can be propagated. It is obvious, therefore, that no amount of energy could further accelerate this electron. (with respect to its original reference point), so it would be considered to have acquired 'infinite mass.'…. only in reference to its original energy level. If observed from a reference point which had itself received the same degree of acceleration, the mass of the electron would not have changed a particle. This increase of inertial mass with increasing velocity is simply the measure of the kinetic energy differential between the observer and the point which he is observing.

Beyond A Uni-Dimensional Perception of TIME - define time as that which separates events. (If there is no discernible separation in this respect, the events are said to be simultaneous.) The observer cannot be present at the site of both events, and so must observe one or both of them through the separation of space, and therefore through the curvature of natural law which the separation represents. If we allow our reason to modify our observations before our mathematics are complete, we will be evolving a concept whose value is based entirely upon the validity of our reason rather than upon the accuracy of our observations. After our mathematics are complete, then we can allow reason to deal with the formula, but until the formula is complete, we must postulate that events which are observed simultaneously occur simultaneously insofar as that observer is concerned, and that therefore the simultaneity of events is a condition which depends entirely upon the position of the observer with respect to those events.

The Nonlinearity of Physical Law - The constant repetition of the term "reference point" or "observer" is necessary to emphasize the frequently unrecognized fact that none of the basic factors of nature have any reality or significance except when considered from a specified position or condition.  If, therefore, we exchange the existing mathematical postulate of linear laws operating in a curved space, for a concept based upon the curvature of natural law, we will find that we have not invalidated or changed any of the presently accepted mathematics which we apply to these concepts. They can still be applied in the same way, and will give the same results. By the exchange, however, we will have achieved a position from which the operation of the natural laws can be pictured by the mind, and can be charted upon paper.

About that vacuum....... "Connected Universe" theory offers alternative explanation of gravity and the source of mass

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