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Friday, November 15, 2013

Living in the Flat World of Science’s Standard Model

Living in the Flat World of Science’s Standard Model

It would be almost impossible today, to imagine a world where all denied their common sense and defiantly maintained their belief that the world was flat in spite of all evidence to the contrary.


Well, science did it. 

How did our science go so far past common sense to do just that – maintain their stance on a FLAT science base, a flat standard model of physics?


·        Stuck in the same age old dichotomy - “physicists have two ways of describing reality, quantum mechanics for the small world of particles and general relativity for the larger world of planets and black holes. But the two theories do not get along: attempts to combine their equations into a unified theory produce seemingly nonsensical answers” (New Scientist Oct. 2013).


·        Predicting a stunted future for humanity, as scientists venture further and further out on a tangent, continuing to stand on a narrow and shallow original fundamental base, ignoring the changes/expansion to the “base” as explorations moved deeper and deeper into the microcosm and macrocosm..……..where the curve, with a radius measured by the constant C, begins to be noticed and unifies the micro, here and now, and macro base…………….opening the doors to fantastic possibilities when C is also recognized to be the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter.     


These Stage Coach ideas are demanding an upgrade:

·        “but the foundation of modern physics has largely been made, and we do not expect any major revisions of this basic knowledgde” Physics of the Future

"It's very nice these people have done an experiment to illustrate this effect and show how in practice it can occur," says Page, who is now at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. But not everyone thinks the Wheeler-DeWitt equation is the correct route to unification of the quantum and classical worlds, says Lee Smolin at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. "They have verified in the context of a laboratory system that quantum mechanics is working correctly," he says. But Smolin argues that any correct description of the universe must include time. (New Scientist Oct. 2013).
·        David Bodanis’s analogy of our current scientific understanding the effects resulting with approaching the speed of light, the quantity C:  (page 81) “As the cars hurried by (approaching light speed), we’d not only see them as getting more massive, changing size, we’d also notice that time seemed to be slowing down inside of them. These effects are summarized in relativity by saying that when someone watches an object recede away from them, the object will be seen to undergo mass dilation, length changes, and time dilation. The bystanders will see it in the car; the driver of the car, looking back, will see it in the bystanders. 
·        Lee Smolin – In Time Reborn, certainly grapples with the larger picture, and in many, many instances hits pieces of the solution directly on the head – but still draws upon the narrow and shallow base of Relativity and Quantum that takes him further out on an inconsequential tangent (Even Einstein warned of false premises derived from incorrect math and observation timing, as in simultaneity – Einstein also said “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”)  However, Lee Smolin definitely sees errors in Physics’ foundational base, and Time is certainly one of them. Lee Smolin adds “Quantum Mechanics is the most successful physical theory yet invented, but remains a challenge to our attempts to comprehend the world. Since its invention in the 1920s, physicists have concocted bizarre scenarios to make sense of the puzzles of quantum theory. Cats are both dead and alive, an infinitude of simultaneous existing universes, reality depends on what’s measured, or who’s observing, particles that signal each other across vast distances at speeds exceeding light….”

In future posts, we will probe into more detail the far reaching, expansive, characteristics of Light, the quantity C, the radius of curvature of all natural laws, the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter - with its implications to E=MC2 and our current theories.  (the current math is good within the local here & now,  micro, or macro domains, but fall  apart across domains where the CURVE- radius C, has to be accounted for, as noted by our contemporary  absurd theories. We will begin foremost with The Nonlinearity of Physical Law and general definitions. 


1.      General Definitions – critical

2.      The Nonlinearity of Physical Law

3.      Gravity

4.      Matter and Mass

5.      Space

6.      The Quantity C

7.      Time



For those that wish to read ahead:

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