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Friday, November 22, 2013

Simple Explanation of Unified Field Theory

We are approaching the 1940s capacity to retest the "incomplete" but "testable" unified field theory (1928 Einstein), whose foundations are being re-confirmed with the integration of the  Resonance Project, Walter Russell's work, and StarSteps - with refinements provided by the penetrating investigations of such notables as: Tom Bearden, Eugene Malove, Nikola Tesla,  Biefeld-Brown, Moray B King, Burkhard Heim, Paul name a few.
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Simple Explanation of Unified Field Theory

Excellent preliminary in layman's terms, coincides with Walter Russell's theory - both still missing the concrete tie-in -  the LIGHT/MATTER connection -"WHY" THE QUANTITY C, HAS TO BE THE KINETIC ENERGY EQUIVALENT OF THE MASS ENERGY OF MATTER, representing the radius of curvature of all natural law........

Simple Explanation of Unified Field Theory - Jamie Janover
Here Jamie Janover does an interview that gives an overview of some of the vast body of information centered around the unified field theory of scientist Nas...

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