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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Finally, Science is going back to work in the FIELDS

String field theory could be the foundation of quantum mechanics (But not until the full properties of light and their effect upon what you think you see/measure are taken into account and accounted for)

It is surprising, to say the least, that we have yet to abandon the obsolete and inefficient concept of reaction propulsion and replace it with the concept of field propulsion, the natural and universal means of producing kinetic energy differentials.

If we examine carefully, the reaction of the atomic nucleus to various changes in mass and charge, the pattern for the modulation of the gravitational curve will soon become evident.  Because of the dual nature of all physical law, if one aspect or pole of the law is a hindrance to our end, the other aspect or pole of the same law will provide the assistance we require.

So, how does one induce variably controlled energy differentials between any two reference points – for approaching, at, and exceeding the quantity C differential, then back again, in reverse as needed, to attain the effects specified....

…. “If a differential of energy equal to the quantity C exists between the observer and the point which he is observing, the natural laws will be suspended. If the energy differential is in excess of the quantity C, the laws will appear to operate in reverse at that point." ? 

This blog to date has all but given away the store to applied field propulsion principles. Going forward, repetition will be the norm, pointing to the areas which need to be addressed for field propulsion application. We will continue to alert the astute for independent verification, as new discoveries in contemporary physics pointing toward the expanded version of E=MC2 are made. Links to individual chapters on Light, the Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law, are reposted at end. Comfort belief zones do not INNOVATION make. Failing to address the concepts of the Radius of Curvature to REINTERPRET one’s mathematics, will keep one in his/her comfort zone of stagnation.

Cubes and Spheres within Cubes and Spheres Blinking In/Out @ 186,000 per sec.

RE-INTERPRETATION OF THE EFFECTS “ the quantity C (velocity of light), the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter” HAS UPON OUR CONTEMPORARY VIEWING AND MEASUREMENT INTERPRETATIONS AND BELIEFS will be necessary.

The "limitations of relativity" will always precede us at a distance equal to the radius of curvature of natural law. We need not fear that we will ever overtake or be hampered in any way by those limitations, since our 'reference point' (of a true coordinate system) will always go along with us. The value of the natural laws (gravitational field included) at any given point is controlled by the values of the other factors of nature at that point. 

 The Natural laws of space-time-mass-matter-energy-gravity are not absolute, but relative. That is, the size and shape of the curve of one law is dependent upon the value and position of the others - and /or - the value of one can be altered between any two reference points by altering the value or relationship of the other.

The natural laws do not follow a straight line reaching to infinity, but a curve of finite radii. In a timeless universe, this curve, in any given plane, would be represented by a circle, but since the laws operate through time as well as space, the curve may be more readily understood if depicted as a "sine curve" or "wave". The "base" line of the wave (which is the center line of the curve) represents zero, and the portions above and below the line represent the positive and negative aspects of the law.  Thus we see that there are points and conditions in which the natural laws reach zero value with respect to a given reference point, and that beyond these points the laws become negative, reversing their effect with respect to the observer.

 Walter Russell: “The Radial Universe - The entire mechanical principle of Nature by means of which its light illusions of motions are produced, is the consequent effect of radial extensions. The seeming multiplication and division of the universal equilibrium into the opposed electrical pressures of gravitation and radiation, which form the foundation of this universe of change are made possible.
Actions unfold formlessness into form, reactions refold form into formlessness. Actions are the basis of radiation. Reactions are the basis of gravitation……. The cube and sphere are one, being two opposite phases of the same thing. The cube is the sphere extended to black coldness while the sphere is the cube contracted to white incandescence. Within each cube is the curved universe of two-way light illusion; and beyond, to the farthest reaches of space, is a repetition of illusion from wave field to wave field at the rate of 186,400 miles per second. That is the speed in which every action-reaction anywhere repeats itself everywhere. This illusion of motion gives rise to the belief that light travels. Periodicity characteristic of all phenomena of nature, stages of unfoldment and refoldmernt, (octaves) –genero-activity begins at the birth of carbon in the first octave with genero-active, inner explosive speed of light, which is 186,400 miles per second. It ends with an equal radioactive, outer explosive speed. This speed is the limit at which motion can reproduce itself in curved wave fields before reaching zero where motion and curvature cease.

Firewalls or Cool Horizons?


Infinities and finite structures are complimentary. Finite = Infinite: excerpt from Nassim Harameins "Black Whole" DVD.  Nassim describes the relationship between any finite boundary condition and the infinite amount of division of the space inside that boundary, therefore the possibility of an infinite amount of information.

Addressing and clarifying quantum weirdness - wave-particle duality, nonlocality, quantum tunneling, multiple worlds, retrocausality, quantum teleportation, entanglement, indeterminism, and observer-dependent results – WILL REQUIRE INTERPRETATION OF THE EFFECTS  “  The quantity C (velocity of light), the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter” HAS UPON OUR VIEWING AND MEASUREMENT INTERPRETATIONS AND BELIEFS.

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