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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Physicists study magnetism with the roles of position and momentum reversed

First faint glimpse of relationships in Physics?

(i.e., space time mass matter energy fields - gravitic/electric/magnetic, totally interdependent to and of each other, governed by the radius of curvature, the quantity C in a +/- sine wave format)

momentum space magnetism

Physicists study magnetism with the roles of  position and momentum reversed  by Lisa Zyga feature

( —Normally, the strength of a magnetic field increases as you get closer to a magnet and decreases as you move further away—a concept easily understood when placing magnets near a refrigerator, for instance. But recent research has shown that exotic "momentum-space artificial magnetic fields" can be created where the strength of the magnetic field depends on how fast a particle moves, instead of where the particle is. In other words, the roles of position and momentum are swapped.

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Slightly exaggerated analogy of the disconnected and cumbersome steps physics takes to get closer to simple reality: 
Goal - to get to the back stairs of my house
Solution - go out the front door, keep going around the world until back stairs are reached

A Far easier way:

INTERPRETATION OF THE EFFECTS  “  The quantity C (velocity of light), the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter” HAS UPON OUR VIEWING AND MEASUREMENT INTERPRETATIONS AND BELIEFS.

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