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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Inevitable Birth of Future Energy has Arrived: Hydrogen Economy and Field Propulsion

As the utter simplicity of both the hydrogen economy and field propulsion (the natural and universal means of producing kinetic energy differentials) become apparent with widespread public awareness ...........

 Especially as these new energy advances create life enhancing, sustainable, prosperous economies that are far more efficient, powerful, silent, clean and productive ..........

Contemporary economic goals based solely on immediate profit, regardless of human costs and environmental outcomes, might consider re-positioning, a shifting of future focus ...............

The Technology has been available since the 1950s

Saltwater Powered Car 

But the world’s biggest car company, even before the Mirai’s first California sale in October, is placing a massively risky bet on hydrogen

Note the obstacle issues NASA presents which need to be overcome are given in StarSteps

NASA Warp Field Mechanics 101

The EmDrive, an experimental propulsion device, may be producing a warp field.

NASA warp drive? NASA tests Star Trek-like warp drive, breaks laws of physics

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