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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Approaching highly counter intuitive states across the micro, meso, and macro SINGLE reality

Freezing atoms puts them into the lowest possible energy and is a step towards harnessing the strange effects of quantum physics, which allow objects to exist in different states at the same time.
"Besides finding an easy way to create atoms with zero-point energy, we have also managed to put the atom into a highly counter intuitive state: where it is both moving and not moving at the same time," said Professor Hensinger.

A color image of one of the galaxies targeted by NuSTAR, a telescope which has the ability to spot black holes obscured by dust and gas.    NASA/JPL-CALTECH
and the mini black holes are hidden by whaT?
The Fractal-Holographic Universe macro/micro black holes, gravity, torus, yin yang
Space-time itself naturally curves towards infinity and zero volume always – and at all points. this may seem like a radical statement but actually it reflects the original scenario created by Einstein’s field equations: the presence of even one singularity with infinite curvature automatically implies that all other points of the continuum belongs to that extreme curve, hence the word’s etymological root, “singular”, meaning single - there is only one.


Quantum entanglement is demonstrated in two macroscopic diamonds

The obvious continues to break ground into a much larger, simpler, common sense reality threshold, supported by increasingly numerous and awesome instantaneous self-recognitions, self-realizations, of the so-called strange quantum and macro phenomena: Quantum entanglement & nonlocality - action at a distance - "amount" of non-locality is determined by the uncertainty principle” - simultaneity/ Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle - different states at the same time (alive or dead, wave particle duality), superfluidity, superconductivity, quantum Hall effect, singularity, quantum probability & the measurement problem, the Big Bang, Dark Matter & Dark Energy,  Quantum Consciousness …………………….. ect. 

Video for allegory of the cave “Seeing the Light”, the quantity C, the ‘curve’, the ‘radius’, the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter will do that (broader self-realizations), much like turning the light on in a room, or cave if you will, the latter clearly referencing Plato’s Allegory of the Cave
You will note how closely Plato’s Parable is related to vision, i.e., as one steps out of the cave the light initially blinds, until slowly one becomes accustomed to the light and begins to decipher, recognize the magnificence of a larger reality. Then, too, upon reentering the cave to shout the discovery to the roof tops of his still unchained fellow prisoners, one is initially blinded upon reentering the dark, affecting his shouts of glee to mostly unintelligible garble, which take some time to clear. 
The chains in the cave have never been locked and the shadows are not real. Dare to LOOK?

    Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law:

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