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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

When reality takes on splendor

Science, discovering Nature, by numbers, geometry, colors, music......................
Inter-weaved, integrated, cohesive, unified, harmony of space time mass matter energy gravity

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 "There is no more beautiful experience than when the world expands beyond its accustomed limits. These are moments when reality takes on splendor."  Deekak Chopra, M.D. (1989), writes in Quantum Healing,

The Possible Human  ".........extraordinary experiences - intense, overwhelming, indescribable...........with the multidimensions of 'scale' described by fractals - chaos to order, point of view to viewing point, comes the capacity to confirm that faith and reason are not opposed, that science or knowledge is not disembodied from will and emotion, from values and life"; that knowledge does not disengage from wisdom and understanding as it proceeds from our own nature to UNIVERSAL NATURE - the UNIFIED SPACE TIME MASS MATTER ENERGY GRAVITY PROCESSES ACROSS SCALES...... before we delve deeper into the mathematical incompatibility of the statistical nature of Quantum Mechanics verses the Theory of Relativity with their respective, isolated limits blockading an awe-inspiring vision of the possible human.... read more

So how would a 'curved' standard model take us past the the imposed limits which are painting a fanatically bland, stale, and shallow spectrum of science, human potential and human evolution?

Dated "reference frames" be dammed. Expand the common denominator. Light, the quantity C, in E=MC2, possesses a significance far greater then attributed.

Light, the quantity C, the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter, is the RADIUS OF CURVATURE OF ALL NATURAL LAW in E=MC2, revealing a much clearer and unified picture, concept, of space, time, mass, matter, energy, gravity running through a unified micro, meso, macro perception.

    Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law:

SPACE TIME MASS MATTER ENERGY GRAVITY: A change to one causes changes to the others, especially noticeable at high energy differentials, OR SCALES,  between any two or more specified reference points.


 Nassim Haramein

The 'BOOM!' (exploded) goes the rocket-ship - primitive, buggy whip views and applications of energy, propulsion, and E=MC2, are not the answer.

 Is it possible to put Humpty Dumpty (stale standard model of physics) together again?

Lockheed Martin's new fusion reactor might change humanity forever
Lockheed Martin's new fusion reactor might change humanity forever This is an invention that might change civilization as we know it: A compact fusion reactor developed by Skunk Works, the stealth experimental technology division of Lockheed Martin.

 "The concept requires a combination of powerful lasers and magnetic fields exceeding 100 tesla. Technically, this is extremely challenging, but it is possible within the given space and time scales,"
Using detailed simulations, the scientists showed how the wavelengths and polarization of the generated terahertz radiation can be controlled via a strong external magnetic field. In the electromagnetic spectrum, terahertz waves occupy a band between microwaves and infrared radiation.
It utilizes a strong magnetic field which is applied externally to the ionized gas and forces the free electrons in the plasma to gyrate like in a particle accelerator. This orbit determines the wavelength as well as the direction of oscillation of the resulting radiation. The optical properties can be tuned as required by altering the strength of the magnetic field - which could open the door to a wide variety of new applications.
"The concept requires a combination of powerful lasers and magnetic fields exceeding 100 tesla. Technically, this is extremely challenging, but it is possible within the given space and time scales," says Paul Gibbon. The scientists are performing complex simulation calculations on one of the fastest supercomputers in Europe - Julich's supercomputer JUQUEEN - to explore the properties of the new terahertz source.

 Photons have neither mass nor charge, and so behave very differently from their massive counterparts, but they do share a property, called spin, which results in remarkable geometric and topological phenomena. The spin--a measure of the intrinsic angular momentum--can be thought of as an equivalent of the spin of a top. In the research published in Science, the team found that photons share with electrons a property related to spin--the quantum spin Hall effect.  The quantum spin Hall effect for electrons allows for the existence of an unusual type of material--called a topological insulator--which conducts electricity on the surface but not through the bulk of the material. The team was intrigued to learn that an analogy for these can be found for photons.
Though light does not propagate through metals, it is known that it can propagate along interfaces between a metal and vacuum, in the form of so-called surface plasmons involving evanescent light waves.
The group was able to show that the unusual transverse spin they found in evanescent waves was actually caused by the intrinsic quantum Hall effect of photons, and their findings also explain recent experiments that have shown spin-controlled unidirectional propagation of surface optical modes.

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