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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gravitational Waves and Primordial Soup – A Towering Castle of Babble?

As expected, confirmed but nothing new – same ole primordial soup.

Now that gravitational waves have been found, is that it? Is that the end of physics?
No. The questions multiply. Why is the visible universe made of matter, and not antimatter? And why is 96% of the universe invisible and undetectable, existing as dark matter, and even more mysterious dark energy? Why does it seem to be stable? Is this all there is, or are we one of a zillion universes? Why does it exist all? This ultimate confirmation of Einstein’s theory would be the end of one set of questions, but it would open up a whole new set of puzzles.

“This is transformational,” said Prof Alberto Vecchio, of Birmingham University, and one of the researchers at Ligo. “This observation is truly incredible science and marks three milestones for physics: the direct detection of gravitational waves, the first detection of a binary black hole, and the most convincing evidence to date that nature’s black holes are the objects predicted by Einstein’s theory.”…………………………..AND STILL NO CLUE TO LIGHT, THE QUANTITY C IN E=MC2, AS THE RADIUS OF CURVATURE OF ALL NATURAL LAW….WITH ONLY THE FOGGIEST NOTION OF THE NATURAL LAWS INTRICATE UNITY AND THEIR APPROPRIATE INTERPRETATIONS.

References to Natural Laws on this site specify: space time mass matter energy gravity fields and every derivative in between, i.e., heat pressure size spin velocity, liquid gas solid, etc. all governed by the radius of curvature, all intertwined in a unified nature.

 “….most fundamental particles, especially quarks and gluons. This state is called quark-gluon plasma. By colliding lead nuclei at a record-high energy of 5.02 TeV …  quark-gluon plasma's collective properties, which show that this state of matter behaves more like a liquid than a gas, even at the very highest energy densities…… new methods to study the correlation between many particles, make it possible to determine the viscosity of this exotic fluid with great precision. …… to carry out such detailed measurements on a drop of 'early universe', that only has a radius of about one millionth of a billionth of a meter…The results are fully consistent with the physical laws of hydrodynamics, i.e. the theory of flowing liquids and it shows that the quark-gluon plasma behaves like a fluid. "It is however a very special liquid, as it does not consist of molecules like water”.

At a radius of about one millionth of a billionth of a meter, terms such as ‘liquids, gases, flows - viscosity’ become meaningless, especially when measured across dimensions/size, disregarding the CURVE, and the integrated, interconnected, cohesive and unified nature of the natural laws. The results continue to produce interpretation error and imaginative fantasy, in a nonsense play of words.

Note Cern’s ‘most fundamental particles’, themselves misdiagnosed, continue to flounder lost in a frivolous, extremely elementary and non-fundamental time perception frame, as the mixing of reference frames and their attributes, such as ‘viscosity, flow’, ‘solids, liquids, gases’, etc., proceed to be examined across massive distance/size (macro, meso, micro) without consideration of the CURVE of radius C, i.e., The Radius of Curvature of All Natural Law

At a radius of about one millionth of a billionth of a meter,solids, liquids, gases, viscosity’ lose meaning, and vibration, frequency, and spin dominate, reigned by the quantity C. Consider the escalating boundaries of ‘local’ and ‘global’ domains, bound by the same laws, with different views. Macro, like the trees lost by the forest – Micro like the unseen and insignificant curve of the earth on a flat gymnasium floor plan – YET CRITICAL WHEN MIXING MICRO MACRO MESO DIMENSIONS, and absolutely necessary for appropriate interpretation and application of our broadening reality.  (see The Nonlinearity of Physical Law)

A unified field theory, of necessity, must convert all factors to their equivalent vibration/frequency common denominator with unconditional consideration of the curve of radius C across dimensions of space and time.


Here is How

The far more fundamental and simpler definitions of space time mass matter energy gravity become mandatory:

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