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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The 2D Science Hangup: Science Still Functions in 3 Vastly Different Worlds - Micro, Meso, Macro

Regards non coherence with total silence on previous post....
 "Common sense might dictate that for an object to move from one point to another, it must go through all the points on the path. Not so for electrons in the quantum world, which don't follow such common-sense rules for the most part. Electrons can show up on the first floor, then the third floor, without ever having been on the second floor," Zhao said.

..... let's look deeper at what may be causing science to stagnate in a 2D (flat world) view of their 3 separate universes, the micro, meso, and macro, preventing common sense to penetrate the fog of disconnection to permit clear understanding of such applications as "movement/transport from one point to another without going through all points in between'. 

Brief view of current and very elementary approaches to the micro, meso, macro views:

On Three Levels: Micro-, Meso-, and Macro-Approaches in Physics 
Living in a Quantum World
Complex systems

The simple translation of physics' (2 Dimensional) Standard Model and (2 Dimensional) equation description of E=MC2 into a 3D view is as follows:

The non-linearity of physical law runs through all three levels - micro - macro - meso
Required - The Common Denominator for space time mass matter energy gravity - in frequency. (any change to one of the natural laws causes a corresponding change to the others - these natural laws are totally, completely interrelated - NONE, space time mass matter energy gravity stand independent)

Science today has the resources to test (and retest previous classified attempts) for the 3 D version of E=mc2, identifying C (light) as the Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law.

World View 101: National Ignition Facility, Crystals

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