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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beyond Light (speed, that is)

QEG 5-5-14

Let there be Light

Aside from thoughts on space and time warps, black holes, wormholes, time tunnels, science appears to be incapable of useful and applicable considerations of variables extending beyond light.

worm                 spacetimeWarpTunnel

Clearly, the primitive and isolated definitions of space and time (or combined spacetime), are creating additional interference patterns to the non-integrated concepts of matter and energy, particle and wave duality, producing continuous obstacles to clarity and applications. The reader has by now been given ample background fundamentals to step up to considerations and exploration of ‘beyond light/faster than light’ engineering possibilities (summarized below).
  •  The simple unity of matter and energy: Consider a geometric plane surface having two dimensions. If this plane is perpendicular to your line of sight you perceive it as a plane surface, the matter aspect. If now you rotate the plane through an angle of ninety degrees, the surface will disappear from your sight, leaving only one dimension, the energy aspect. You have not changed the plane in any way. You have merely changed your point of view, or technically, you have changed your point of reference. The amount of energy which is apparently contained by a given body of matter depends entirely upon how far it has rotated upon the mass energy axis (defined by the quantity C, the radius of curvature of all natural law) with respect to the given observer. Another observer, observing the same body from a different reference point, would find an entirely different amount of energy.
  • The Quantity C, the speed of light energy differential, is the pivotal point upon which the natural laws become manifest
  • The Quantity C, the speed of light energy differential, is the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter.
  • The Quantity C, the speed of light energy differential, manifests as electromagnetic radiation covering a tremendous range of frequencies (also, each different type of atom has its own characteristic set of frequencies
  • The Quantity C, the speed of light energy differential, is the radius of the curvature of natural law, meaning if a differential of energy equal to this quantity exists between the observer and the point which he is observing, the natural laws will be suspended. If the energy differential is in excess of the quantity C, the laws will appear to operate in reverse at that point.  
  • The Quantity C, the speed of light energy differential, is also the velocity at which the universe folds and unfolds, from the STILL POINT - between the infinitely large and infinitely small  -  between Barbara Dewey’s “Big Blink” of the constant moving instant ‘Now’, ‘Now’ - or Walter Russell’s “point of rest” between the stages of unfoldment and refoldment, the cycles of ‘genero-activity’ contraction of gravity, at the inner explosive speed of light -  and radioactive expansion of vacuity, at the outer explosive speed of light.
  Advanced, evolving concepts of ‘black holes’, zero point, dark energy/matter: Unified Physics – Articles, Reviews

Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law: 
The Quantity C: Possessing a Significance Far Greater than Attributed
Gravity – As Viewed Through the Radius (VC)
Space as Observed through the Curve of Radius Light
Matter and Mass - Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass
Beyond A Uni-Dimensional Perception of TIME The Nonlinearity of Physical Law


First to break even with fusion power

A slightly improved concept of the C in E=MC2 (after a hundred years of stagnation) is still necessary to remove the massive obstacles of LIMIT we have created…..notwithstanding “The UK will be the first to break even with fusion power”, leading us towards a future of clean, infinite energy

We will now begin perusing the history of claimed “free energy” prototypes, identifying those with patterns fitting our extending fundamentals (safely discarding fraudulent claims with reasonable accuracy), and proceed with exploration of highly improved performance prototypes through more precise measurement and applications of the relevant variables to unlimited energy access and field propulsion.

Water Disassociation Using Zero Point Energy

American Antigravity 



Some additional thoughts on Electrogravitics: The electromagnetic principle here involves what is called a vector force. It is well known in electro dynamics that a moving electron creates a magnectic field. Any magnetic field which is changing in intensity, will create an electric field which at any given instant, is equal in amplitude opposite in sign and perpendicular to the magnetic field. If the two fields become mutually resonant, a vector force will be generated. Unless the amplitude and the frequency of the resonance is quite high, the vector field will be very small, and may pass un-noticed. However, the amplitude of the vector field increases at a greater rate than the two fields which generate it, and at high resonance levels, becomes very strong. The vector field, whose direction is perpendicular to each of the other two, creates an effect similar to, and in fact identical with, a gravitational field. If the center of the field coincides with a vehicles center of mass, the only effect will be to increase the inertia, or mass of the craft. electrogravsimple If the center of mass does not coincide with the center of force, the craft will tend to accelerate toward that center. Since the system which created the field is a part of the craft, it will move with the craft and will continue constantly to generate a field whose center of attraction is just ahead of the craft's center of mass. so that the craft will continue to accelerate as long as the field in generated. To slow or stop the craft, the controls can be adjusted so that the field is generated with its center just behind the center of mass, so that negative acceleration will result.

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