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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Only the Lonely ...(reveal the secrets of atomic nuclei)

Only the Lonely  .....

"This is a fascinating result. Since quantum effects in a nucleus as large as 209Pb are not terribly significant, that means that the existing model of the average field itself does not fully reflect reality. There is something we are failing to take into account. I wonder what that is...?" adds Prof. Dobaczewski.    more

A spiral that contracts towards and expands from singularity at VC


When looking at a shell, one doesn't see the geometry of the compression ratio explicitly mapped out on the shell, only the result of the underlying geometric structure is apparent: a spiral that contracts towards and expands from singularity.
In a similar way, one does not "see" the underlying geometric lattice of the structure of the vacuum of spacetime. What we observe is the result of that geometry: the organization of matter and flow of energy at all scales adhering to a foundational infinite scalar tetrahedral array...

Fundamentals - across scales - the big blink through the radius C.  - What's the hang up on the 100 year old, stagnant equation E=MC2? ......  


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