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Friday, January 30, 2015

Right Questions, Wrong Assumptions: Black holes do not exist where space and time do not exist, says new theory

Right Questions, Wrong Assumptions

Issues of Scale, eyesight capacity (beyond light speed), and the sine wave – a yin without the yang, continue to confuse.  Combine the scales, and unify the denominator (of mutually dependent space time mass matter energy gravity factors) Add the missing yang:  0 to VC (+ plus), 0 to VC (- minus) radius VC.


black hole 

"In gravity's rainbow, space does not exist below a certain minimum length, and time does not exist below a certain minimum time interval," Ali, a physicist at the Zewail City of Science and Technology and Benha University, both in Egypt, told "So, all objects existing in space and occurring at a time do not exist below that length and time interval [which are associated with the Planck scale]. As the event horizon is a place in space which exists at a point in time, it also does not exist below that scale."

"What many of these models have in common is that it can be inferred from them that the energy of a particle cannot get as large as possible, but that there is a maximum energy that any particle can reach. This restriction can be easily combined with Einstein's special theory of relativity, and the resultant theory is called the doubly special theory of relativity, or DSR."   One of the most developed explanations of the paradox is called black hole complementarity, which is based on the idea that an observer falling into a black hole and an observer watching from a distance see two completely different things. The in-going observer sees information (in the form of himself) pass through the black hole's event horizon, but to a distant observer it appears that the in-going observer never actually reaches the event horizon due to the strange effect in general relativity of time dilation. Instead, the distant observer sees the information being reflected away from the event horizon in the form of radiation. Since the two observers cannot communicate, there is no paradox (though to many people, such a solution may sound even stranger than the paradox itself).  Read more  
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