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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Acoustic levitation made simple - “gee-whiz children's toys”???

Reposted with permission from Soundoff
Acoustic levitation made simple

The new device shows that it is possible to build a "non-resonant" levitation device -- one that does not require a fixed separation distance between the source and the reflector. This breakthrough may be an important step toward building larger devices that could be used to handle hazardous materials, chemically-sensitive materials like pharmaceuticals -- or to provide technology for a new generation of high-tech, gee-whiz children's toys.

Gee-whiz children's toys?  Is the article's comment a deliberate misleading “look yonder”?

The children’s tale of ‘chicken little’ comes to mind as the remarkable, far reaching potential of ‘levitation’, ‘field propulsion’ remains ignored.


How much longer can we afford to continue to ignore Field Propulsion – the natural and universal means of producing kinetic energy differentials, and to finally abandon the obsolete and inefficient concept of reaction propulsion?

Delete the Complexity with:   

“…..application of high frequency electrical potential causes the crystal to generate mechanical displacement or force waves which are then transmitted to some other part of the system or to the surrounding medium……substantial changes could be brought about in the electrical, the magnetic, and even in the gravitational fields over rather large areas, and significant changes in the time field could be created in local areas by huge crystal controlled systems ……..In the change of location, the energy of position offsets the gravitational loss and all laws of conservation are upheld and satisfied……..somewhere off the coast of Florida under many fathoms of water, one of these crystal driven systems apparently still exists and still performs at least some of its original functions. Powered by accumulators drawing their energy from natural sources, and unaffected by time or its surroundings it still springs into action when triggered by a specific impulse or signal and still goes through its designed task of transporting any solid state matter within its range from its original location to some unknown to us and probably remote point x….”

We no longer have to be deceived by "fool's gold",  iron pyrite.

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