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Monday, January 12, 2015

Quantum optical hard drive breakthrough

Quantum optical hard drive breakthrough     

Editor's note:  Photons, Spin, Magnetic Fields, Crystals – The beginning mix, stretching, penetrating through the micro domain, leading toward the inevitable unification of scale variance/invariance - micro to macro, through the constant C, in concert with gravitational mass and time dilation/contraction.

Quantum information promises unbreakable encryption because quantum particles such as photons of light can be created in a way that intrinsically links them. Interactions with either of these entangled particles affect the other, no matter how far they are separated.
The team of physicists at ANU and the University of Otago stored quantum information in atoms of the rare earth element europium embedded in a crystal.  After writing a quantum state onto the nuclear spin of the europium using laser light, the team subjected the crystal to a combination of a fixed and oscillating magnetic fields to preserve the fragile quantum information.    more

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