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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Unifying Mind and Matter: Doorways to a Larger Reality

As we begin to expand the unity of mind and matter, our comprehension of the prominence of the quantity C (LIGHT), as in E=MC2, will advance significantly.

Staying in touch within the boundaries of contemporary science we find frequency manipulation, levitation, are capacities which are accessible both physically and mentally. A wider scope of E=MC2 and the Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law (the quantity C) adds far more clarity to a larger reality beyond the ‘flat world’ standard physics model of today.


The brain is not some broth of 50 or so chemicals, but rather the activity pattern of 86 billion neurons.   The Kavli Foundation

Quantum Approaches to Consciousness 
The problem of how mind and matter are related to each other has many facets, and it can be approached from many different starting points. Of course, the historically leading disciplines in this respect are philosophy and psychology, which were later joined by behavioral science, cognitive science and neuroscience. In addition, the physics of complex systems and quantum physics have played stimulating roles in the discussion from their beginnings.

A Field Theorist's Perspective

John S. Hagelin
Maharishi International University
Fairfield, Iowa

Progress in theoretical physics during the past decade has led to a progressively more unified understanding of the laws of nature, culminating in the recent discovery of completely unified field theories. The parallel discovery of a unified field of consciousness raises fundamental questions concerning the relationship between the two.

Following a general introduction to unified quantum field theories, we consider the proposal due to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that the unified field of modern theoretical physics and the field of "pure consciousness" are identical. We show that the proposed identity between consciousness and the unified field is consistent with all known physical principles, but requires an expanded physical framework for the understanding of consciousness. Such a framework may indeed be required to account for experimentally observed field effects of consciousness and phenomenological aspects of higher states of consciousness.

PART I: An Introduction to Unified Quantum Field Theories
1. Quantum Field Theory 30
2. Electro-Weak Unification and Broken Symmetry 35
3. Grand Unification 41
4. Supersymmetry 43
5. Quantum Gravity and Supergravity 48
6. The Heterotic String 52
PART II: Consciousness and the Unified Field
1. Historical Perspectives 56
2. A Unified Field of Consciousness 60
3. Field Effects of Consciousness 64
4. Pure Consciousness and the Unified Field 73
5. Higher States of Consciousness and the Sidhis 78
6. Conclusion

Integrate, make the connections: The Connected Universe

Delete the Complexity with:   

A good review of Atoms to Galaxies, and StarSteps in the links below, provide a cleaner, simplified view of spins and wobbles and propellentless mass propulsion possibilities.
Field Propulsion - abandon the obsolete and inefficient concept of reaction propulsion and replace it with the concept of field propulsion, the Natural and Universal means of producing Kinetic Energy Differentials

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